Road Trip!

We took a little road trip to New York this weekend in our new car.  First off, how amazingly comfortable!  We were able to eat our snack in the backseat.  Unheard of in the Saturn – the two car seats used to make that impossible.  And we managed to only christen it with some apple juice. 

We had a lovely visit with friends who have two boys the same ages as our boys.  It was so great to see them all running around and playing together.  Mostly 🙂  The boys were so worn out that they were asleep before we got on the highway to come home.  And they are already asking to go play again. 
We got some excitement on our way home though.  Driving up to cross back into Canada and we find that the boarder is closed!  Boarder agents and patrol cars are blocking the entrance to the bridge – yikes!  What, are we supposed to stay?  (Please? 😉  And to think, until this trip I always packed as though we were staying the night because sometimes we had to!  But not this trip, not with our new car.  Nope, I only brought just what we needed for the day.  Except for remembering the sippy cups but that’s different, we were visiting friends who I could be pretty sure had sippy cups. 
So what were we to do?  Drive up the road to let the no longer sleeping toddler walk around for a while and make a quick phone call to my mom to check the Internet for info.  After a good walk and some reading time for Mama (did you notice, only one child woke up and someone had to take one for the team and stay in the car with the still sleeping child, drats) we headed for the crossing that they were sending all the traffic to.  Which of course was SWAMPED!  Around we turned again to try out our third choice bridge.  Thankfully that was open with very little wait. 
It’s always fun to throw the boarder agent for a loop and after handing over our US passports answer that we live in Ontario 🙂  Always catches them off guard.  But even with that and a car with temporary NYS plates we crossed the quickest I think we ever have.  Even faster than with a screaming baby in the backseat, which is pretty quick. 
As we’re driving into Canada it becomes very obvious that we’re heading straight into a storm.  Watching the ominous lightening was incredible.  It was an amazing storm.  But when we had to pull of the road for the second time I just had to ask – “Lord, is this a sign?”  I’m listening.  We just would really like, ya know, a job so that we can, ya know, pay the bills and feed those to littles who are now kinda sleeping in the backseat.  Ya know, nothing big. 
All in all, a trip that should have taken an hour and a half driving took 5 hours!  But we’re home safe and sound.  And watching for that next nudging of the Spirit that it’s time to move along. 

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