Here’s the finally finished quilt.  I’ve only been working on it since last summer.  Sadly for projects (and me) in such a small apartment with two curious boys the sewing machine has to live in its case which makes it very tough to work on things.  Most evenings it’s too much hassle to set it all up just to have to pack it all away again.  😦  On the list for the next place we live is a safe spot where I can keep projects and the machine out, so maybe once in a while I can sew. 

 If I were to do it again I would switch around the Ohio Star block with the orange – the animal print in place of the white, orange where the animals are now, and blue where the orange is.  Live and learn.  But it really doesn’t look this stark, the photo does wash out the animals when they are in such a small piece. 

This is my favorite 🙂


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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