A moment of peace

Tonight after dinner the boys got a treat.  They got into their jammies and to pick a DVD.  (Singing Time “The Great Outdoors” in case you’re curious.)

And a little after 6, Bigger Boy dozed off on the couch.  Then Littler climbed up into my lap and snuggled in.  He was asleep in my arms 15 minutes later.  They’re so sweet when they sleep.  And not just because they’re quiet. 

Littler had his head nestled in my elbow and his hair was getting damp and showing some curl from being so close.  He had one arm draped across his middle.  The other rested on his opposite shoulder after the fingers he sucks fell out of his mouth.  It was so wonderful to snuggle him like that.  Until carrying his 25 pound sleeping body around got to be pretty heavy and I had to put him into his crib. 

His brother, meanwhile, was quietly drooling on the arm of the couch.  He was more of a challenge to snuggle with.  Mostly because of the extra 10 pounds and 6 inches he has over his brother but I’ll admit the drool just isn’t as cute.  But he didn’t wake as I hefted him from the couch and placed him in his bed. 

And then, some Mama time.  To wash dishes since we had no hot water all day.  And pick up the toys they left in the living room after falling asleep early.  And write and sew and watch Jeopardy and read and put my aching feet up.  🙂 


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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