Yarn Along

Knitting and reading, there’s never enough time for either in my world.  Here is the post that proves it – week after week of the same projects and books 🙂  Head over to small things to see what Ginny and everyone else have on the needles and book shelves. 

I finished my BSJs so I got to cast on a new project last night.  🙂  The pattern is called “Irish Hiking Scarf” which is perfect for the project.  It’s going to be a retirement gift for my mom who retires in November.  I promised her years and years ago that when she retires I would take her to Ireland.  And my dad retired seven years ago (wow, that long already?) and I think is looking forward to having a hiking buddy.  So I’ll be making one for him too.  But his will be a green not the deep purple for Mom.  This is my first attempt at cabling and I’m not sure I’m not messing up the whole thing but it looks good in the picture 🙂 

I’m about halfway through Signs of Life and still enjoying it.  I think I’m going to have to add this to my wish list – it’s good for a reference and also for more spiritual reading with a quote to “ponder in your heart” at the end of each section.  Next up when I finish this will be a book not from the summer reading list but one my DH picked up at the library.  It’s about Amish faith and spirituality.  And I can’t wait to read it.  But it’s a good thing I’m still in the middle of a book because DH is reading it first 🙂 


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8 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Your BSJ turned out wonderfully. Love the picture too. Good luck with the scarf. I'm sure it will turn out just as you planned. I have always wanted to go to Ireland. I hope you get to take your mum. Jacinta

  2. I loved the modeled BSJ pictures in your previous post. Your son is adorable!

    Looks like your doing just fine on the cabling.

  3. Swanski says:

    I am pretty sure your scarf pattern is in my ravelry queue. You will be fine with cables and I think your mother is going to LOVE the scarf (I know I would).

  4. Your scarf is lovely. What a great color! I adore cables. Your mom will love it! I can not wait to read about the next book– amish life intrigues me. I am also going to look up the book you are reading up at my library on the next visit- is sounds interesting and thought provoking.

  5. Erin says:

    Your cables look great! That was the pattern I used to learn how to cable too and it's really weird at first but you get used to how the cables go after working them through a few times.

  6. anushka says:

    the cable looks perfect to me and that will be lovely hiking scarf indeed! how nice your parents will have matching ones from you. : ) i need some good spiritual reads. i'll have to check to see if my library has this one – as soon as i get a card! (we just moved)

  7. cpcable says:

    Excited to see how the scarf turns out! What a lovely gift for a trip to Ireland!

  8. Emily says:

    Your cables look great! What a lovely gift you're working on 🙂

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