My Current Project

… is filling up our new freezer.  🙂  We’ve been talking about how nice one would be forever it seems.  Ours is tiny and that really limits us.  We can’t buy in bulk on good sales or make extra to freeze or any of those suggestions for making life easier and stretching your grocery budget.  So when we saw a small one on sale we decided to go for it. 

Now don’t get me started on the craziness of actually getting it… The store was already sold out when we went in so we had to order it (and paid in full.)  We were told it would be in in two weeks and they would call us.  DH called to check on it a week later and we were told to call again in a week, they didn’t call people when their orders were in.  So we went in to check a week later but still no freezer.  Numerous calls and stopping into another store of the same chain we found out it should be in by the end of the month – FOUR weeks after we ordered it when we were told it would be 2!  Well after another 2 weeks we called again and it still wasn’t in.  At least that’s what I think since when DH asked about when he could come in and pick it up and was told later was ok but to call back in an hour to check I started to wonder.  And an hour later he was told Saturday.  So effectively another week after we were told it would be in.  At this point I was really thinking that we don’t need this that badly to be putting up with this.  Come Saturday we called to make sure before driving over that it was ready.  And the answer… it should be in by 5 that evening.  Really?!?! 

But it was in finally and we are so excited to be filling it.  So far we bought ice cream, corn, and extra frozen berries.  And we stayed up way to late last night making a double batch of banana bread and oatmeal- fruit and nut bars.  Tonight I have dough for rolls in the bread machine and maybe I’ll get a pot of broth on the stove since the temperature has dropped and it’s not already boiling in here.  I’m actually really, really excited about having the space to store extras and to make ahead some meals and lots of snacks 🙂

But the moral of the story – no more shopping at back- to- the- ______ Shop. 


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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One Response to My Current Project

  1. Emily says:

    Oh I want an extra freezer, too! I'm trying to figure out where we would put it right now because I'd love to buy bulk and put things away.

    Have fun filling your new freezer!

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