Small Successes

I like looking over my week and trying to come up with something that’s done  realizing how much I’ve accomplished.  Because even the little things count.  🙂  Share yours with Sherry at Chocolate for your Brain.
This week I’ve:
*really finished making the blocks for the first wedding present I’m working on.  I thought I had it done but when I laid it all out it was too small.  A snuggly lap blanket is fine but this is for newlyweds – it should be enough to cover two laps.  So luckily I had ordered way more fabric for the backing than I would ever need (because I may not remember to “measure twice and cut once” but I sure think ahead to be sure there will be enough for the big bits) and had three squares left from the blocks I had made.  I cut enough squares to make 12 more blocks (the math will make sense when I can some day show the quilt, but not till after the bride-to-be has it) and today I sewed and pressed and ripped out seams and sewed some more.  🙂  Now I’m ready to assemble to top. 
And I have a delusional hope of finishing the top and quilting to be able to do the binding in the car on our way to vacation next week…  Yup, this mama is a little crazy 🙂
*been following the days outlined in Organized Simplicity.  More or less.  Usually more less than more.  But even my half-hearted attempts seem to be making some progress in getting things into order.  The living room is fairly tidy – it will always be a losing battle to the toys but other than that it’s better.  And the kitchen feels so much better 🙂  How long can I keep it up, who knows.  But just changing up my routines and making some headway makes me feel better. 
And it will be even better after our vacation when we dump a bunch of stuff  take some boxes to store in the attic at my parents’ house 🙂
*restrained myself from much online shopping for our upcoming vacation.  I usually do all my ordering before we travel so we can have it shipped to my parents’ house.  But I’m working at being good and not doing too much.  Of course there are a few things we need, like some extra fabric for the second quilt I need to work on.  And it helps that I know there are three boxes of books waiting for me  the boys all us book hoarders.  🙂  I mean book lovers 😉

About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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4 Responses to Small Successes

  1. munchesmom says:

    Oh my poor tired eyes? When I read your first item, I couldn't figure out why you were making blocks for a wedding present. Then I realized…quilting blocks not wooden blocks! LOL! (I didn't get my coffee this morning…how's that for an excuse?)

    Congrats on the organizing! Doesn't it make you feel good inside & out?

  2. Monica says:

    Great week! You need to post some pics of your sewing!! Sounds wonderful.

  3. Wow, good for you in the self-mastery department Kate!
    Isn't Munchesmom so funny? We need to make sure she gets her morning coffee from now on…LOL
    I greatly admire those who have quilting talent…I hope you'll show us your lovely gift when it's done!

  4. SherryTex says:

    Organizing is one of those things where more always means less stress. I'm impressed by anyone who quilts or sews. I know less than nothing in this department, but I see the beautiful works and it always amazes me, because quilts reveal a lot of love, thought and time. They are real gifts of the heart.

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