Some Vacation Highlights

Just a few pictures from our trip – because there were too many good ones not to share 🙂 

Some rest stop entertainment.  I love the stops with enough space for running around.  And lots of truck parking doesn’t hurt either.  

The boys loved the kitties.  And Stella was a good sport and put up with some lovin’ from the boys. 
I think this was the first time they each had their own ice cream cones.  They did have a little help finishing them – someone had to keep them from melting all over on the ride back to the house you know 😉  

He looks so tired, it had been such a long day.  But he wasn’t giving up on the cone.  No way.  

They got to meet some of the critters at the farm.  They were both still groggy from the car ride there and feeling e littel shy so it took them a while to warm up to it all.  They had a blast seeing and hearing all animals (goats, sheep, and chickens.  Oh and the dogs, how could I forget the St. Bernards?) 

Another attraction at the farm – fish in the pond!  I’m not sure the boys actually saw any but there were quite a few and they had a good time looking. 
Reach for it!

Have bucket, will pick blueberries. 

Not such a great picker but good at letting everyone else fill his bucket. 

I thought we were going to bring home a ton of blueberries – picking held their attention way longer than I expected and they did realize they could eat them until Daddy pointed it out to them after about half an hour.  We still ended up with about 6 quarts! 

The boys loved helping make a blueberry pie with our pickings.  It’s easier at home where they can get on the other side of the counter and I don’t have to hold them up.  But they were happy so who cares. 

And it was super yummy 🙂  Who doesn’t love a fresh blueberry pie anyway? 

Highlight of the boys’ morning out hike?  Throwing grapes off the bridge into the water and hearing the “plop!”  How about that for the simple things in life. 

We tried for a family picture while visiting the horses.  The boys were not so interested.  Driving in the country was such an experience for the boys.  We live in suburbia, the outskirts of it but still way more urban than rural.  We can drive to see farms here but it is so different, not at all like the huge stretches of farm land and forest you pass getting places back where I grew up.  Sadly, I think city life is making me soft.  Although I must say, vacation eating made me a bit soft too. 


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One Response to Some Vacation Highlights

  1. Emily says:

    Looks like a wonderful vacation!

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