Small Successes

This week I have:
*given up soda.  It’s only been, umm, 4 days but it’s a very good start. 

*finished my mom’s scarf and my first hat.  Scarf is very nice, only a couple places where I miss counted my rows and have cables either too short or too long but it’s still lovely.  Hat is adorable, in the tiny-doesn’t-fit-a-real-person’s-head kind of way but it’s nicely knitted and at least I learned how to knit a hat.

*learned that gage in knitting can be important. 

*mopped the dining room and kitchen.  It was l-o-n-g over due.  As in there was something spilled on the floor for some reason near my spot at the table that when I tried to step back off it I think I lost some of the skin from the bottom of my foot.  I can’t believe I just admitted to that on the interwebz.  Sadly the mop broke before I could do the bathroom but that is not nearly so nasty.  Lame dollar store swiffer rip off mop heads. 

See, each and every one a victory.  They might be small but all those little things do add up, just like the calories in each M&M.  Interestingly, they taste different here in Canada.  So does a good ol’ Hershey’s bar…  :-/  Not quite so good ol’.  Anyway, head over to Sherry’s to check in with your small but major successes 🙂 


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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4 Responses to Small Successes

  1. Emily says:

    I swear.. the picture of your little one modeling the hat.. it's like an old advertisement I've seen. I know there is a picture (or ad) that looks like it.. gosh I have to find it now. I wish I could remember what it was advertising.

  2. Jody Worsham says:

    I'm so glad there is another Mom who gets feet stuck on tacky floors. We are at “mopping stalmate” at my house until someone admits to spilling the Kool-Aid and offers to mop. How long before Kool-aid crystalizes?
    The Medicare Mom

  3. SherryTex says:

    Giving up soda is a big deal. I'm impressed!

    I'm glad no one can see my floors.

  4. Marny CA says:

    Prior to go into hospital for total knee replacement, I stopped sodas … and drank more water (Ugh!) and seltzer. In about 2 weeks I lost 10 lbs.

    I drank no soda in hospital or 3 weeks of rehab — and then came home — slowly went back to soda and less seltzer and water and gained back the 10 lbs.

    I feel awful weight-wise – but it’s still fab to be able to walk without limping.

    Oh, and I’m going back to less soda. Wish me luck!

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