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From time to time the boys do nap, on rare occasions even at the same time.  And let me tell you it is a beautiful thing.

Happy boy eating peanut butter. 

We’ve got a thing for tonuges at the moment.

And more peanut butter.

Who wouldn’t rather go through a box of book instead of going to bed? 

round button chicken


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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6 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Emily says:

    Love your boys! Too cute!

  2. Swanski says:

    As you know, I always treasured when two kids were sleeping! The peanut butter photos are great 🙂

  3. Misty says:

    So sweet those sleepheads!

  4. MomCO3 says:

    The napping shot could have counted as happy, funny or real, too!

  5. Rosie says:

    Great photos – cute kids! I love their two little heads flopping the same way in the stroller.

  6. Anne says:

    Two babies asleep at the same time is always a beautiful thing.

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