Yesterday we went to the wedding of one of my best friends from high school.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  And a gorgeous ceremony.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures because we weren’t allowed.  Is that the newest thing in wedding etiquette?  Please turn off your cell phones and no photography?  I totally agree with the reasoning – it takes your focus away from the bride and groom and that is what the photographer is there for.  But the photographer isn’t going to give me pictures for FaceBook or my blog, I’d have to pay a ridiculous price for prints probably not even the digital copies.  So that is frustrating.  But believe me it was so beautiful. 

I didn’t get too many other pictures either, reception lighting is never really camera friendly.  (Which is one of the reasons I’m really hoping to get a new camera soon but that’s a ‘nother story.)  On the table was a card with ideas for pictures to take and post to the bride and groom’s wedding website.  The first on the list was an unusual shot of the centerpiece.  Here’s mine.  The favors were Italian cookies (the little leaf shaped ones with chococlate between the layers, I can’t remember what they’re called) and little bookmarks with a photo of the bride and groom and a note on the back saying that a donation had been made in honor of the bride’s father. 

The WeatherMan and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon date without kids.  It was highly unusual 🙂   And it was wonderful seeing friends from high school who I “see” on FaceBook.  The picture of the bunch of us together is one I probably will but from the photographer 🙂 
Today we’re off on the second leg of our adventure.  Tonight I’ll be selecting the winner of the My Memories Suite giveaway – there’s still time to enter!  And maybe I’ll even get to post about the quilt I just finished tomorrow 🙂 

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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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2 Responses to Celebration!

  1. cpcable says:

    We were also at a wedding this weekend and it was great fun!

  2. Swanski says:

    The wedding sounds like it was fun, too bad you could not take photos.. Glad you were able to have a night out just the two of you!

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