Monday Musings

Right now… It is 10am and I’ve only been up for about 20 minutes 🙂  Someone was not interested in sleeping last night and so kept someone up with himself.  And now the boys just came home from running errands.  So I’m sitting here writing, listening to their adventures of the morning, and trying to figure out what all needs to be done today.  And I’m kicking myself for caving and taking the little non-sleeper out of his bed last night, it will just make tonight harder but I can only hanging into his crib and rub his back for so long or listen to his wailing and shrieking for so long.  So there it is. 
This weekend…  was typical.  Didn’t get nearly as much as I would like to done but it was nice.  Saturday was the downtown trick-or-treating so I finished up the boys costumes quickly and we went.  The Bigger guy had a great time announcing all the costumes he saw – “hey, there’s a puppy!” “hey, there’s a fireman!”  “hey. there’s Buzz Lightyear!” 
Some plans for the week…  I still need to switch sizes of clothes for Littler.  Today we have to get through Halloween and trick-or-treating.  Tomorrow is duty day at preschool.  I will be finishing my Dad’s scarf and casting on play food for Christmas.  And getting together plans for Advent and Christmas is up there to since Advent starts in, umm, three weeks!  🙂 
If I find time for myself…  I would of course spend it knitting, reading, and sewing.  I’m sure I’ll manage to make myself some time for that 🙂  Challenge will be not neglecting everything else that needs doing ::dishes:: 
I am grateful for… sleeping in.  There is much, much more but at the moment that really takes the cake 🙂 
Some special prayer intentions… for someone to start sleeping, in his own bed, all night.  For patience and perseverance.  For a chance to move, preferably home but just a bigger place would be nice (would it be too much to include prayers for a yard, dishwasher, washing machine, and storage space too?)  For my mom in her last week before retirement! 
Something that makes me smile… 
Blogging makes me smile too.  I really enjoy putting down what’s going I’m up to and seeing what other’s have going on.  It’s nice to have a community that I can be part of without having to get dressed for 🙂  And this morning I’m linking with Nadja at Patch o’ Dirt Farm, who may or may not have also blogged in her jammies after a wicked early start to her day. 

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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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1 Response to Monday Musings

  1. I enjoyed your post! And I hope that today/ tonight goes more smoothly, despite all indications 🙂 At least you have a source of material to think about?
    Remember, the days are long, the years are short.

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