It’s a new day

After yesterday’s difficult day this is a new day.  Even still it got off to a rough start.  Boys pushing and hitting.  And doing everything they were told NOT to.  Mama was so tempted to skip story time at the library.  As if she wants to deal with this craziness in public, where they can get into real trouble or worse get hurt if not listening.  But they needed to get out and burn some steam.  So somehow she got them all ready and out the door.  And took out the trash as long as they were going out. 

Of course story time was actually at 10:30 not 10 so the boys get half an hour to play and look for books before.  After Mama tried to look for a super special surprise DVD for them, one that they really love but they were restless and would not stay in the stroller.  And once they started hitting each other on the head it was time to go home.  So we checked out our books and hit the road. 

And Bigger passed out on the way.  Littler kept himself awake all the way home (Bigger let Mama get him out of the stroller, out of his coat, and into bed without waking up.)  Eventually Littler passed out too, once he was snuggled up with Mama and Daddy in their bed.  Mama got up once he was asleep and did her thing – not dishes or laundry or any of the other pressing housekeeping duties.  She eat lunch (including some rice pudding,) watched the start of a movie, worked on some notes, put a hold library  on Singing in the Rain, and even cast on for the start of project play food. 

Can you guess what piece of produce I’m working on? 

Littler slept for close to 2.5 hours and Bigger slept a whooping 3 hours!  Good Lord did they need that nap!  And now they are eating a “lunch” of frozen blueberries, almonds, and milk while Mama blogs on.  She is somewhat concerned that they will be up half the night after naps like that.  But yesterday’s theatrics where partly a display of utter exhaustion.  Maybe now they are caught up.  With any luck everyone will be in better moods for a while. 

A Mama can hope, right? 


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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2 Responses to It’s a new day

  1. cpcable says:

    There will always be days like these. And you're right, bad times are followed by good. Hold on to the good! 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    Things are getting better! Sometimes you just need a really good “battery re-charge session”.

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