In honor of Thanksgiving I challenged myself to list 100 things I am thankful for.  This has been an ongoing project all week.  And here are the results –

1. my beautiful family
2. good health
3. abundant food and drinkable water
4. good friends and family
5. hot showers
6. chocolate
7. NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, and Blue Bloods
8. turkey broth simmering on the stove
9. leftovers
10. Signing Time and Pixar
11. knitting
12. free shipping
13. piles of books
14. washable markers
15. rechargeable camera batteries
16. blogging and the blogging community
17. hot tea
18. sweet tea
19. Dr Pepper
20. double strollers
21. caring neighbors
22. co-op preschool
23. wonderful teachers at preschool
24. a reliable car
25. living close enough to things to be able to walk
26. playgroup
27. frozen blueberries
28. “Abiyoyo” and other Pete Seeger recordings
29. sleeping through the night occasionally
30. silly stories about whatever is on the boys’ minds
31. cozy snuggles
32. sunshine
33. sunglasses
34. dancing
35. the Internet
36. Facebook
37. rice pudding
38. puzzles
39. education
40. imagination
41. compassion
42. forgiveness
43. band aids
44. a sense of humor
45. sippy cups
46. years of dance class
47. camp
48. indoor plumbing
49. s’mores
50. moments of peace
51. cream of wheat with maple syrup
52. roasted sweet potatoes and apples
53. chocolate chip cookies
54. yoga
55. camp songs and other folk songs
56. clean laundry
57. washing machines
58. little boys matching and folding socks
59. little boys clearing the table
60. and washing their own dishes
61. pizza night
62. fabric
63. creating
64. time to create
65. time to read
66. naps
67. Gene Kelly
68. Tomie dePaola
69. changing seasons
70. the liturgical year
71. faith
72. Church and church
73. hope
74. grace
75. the library
76. hearing a little boy say “more bocki p’eas, Mama!” after eating all his broccoli and all of Daddy’s
77. boys hanging up their own coats and putting away their shoes when they come in
78. that frozen blueberry stains wash out
79. ballet
80. PBS
81. musicals
82. growing up like in a musical where people really do sing and dance at any time
83. stumping my mom on the “there’s rock ‘n roll for everything” game
84. family photos
85. cold cheese pizza (it’s not what you think!)
86. Christmas movies
87. sensitive toothpaste
88. a kind and accepting (especially of preschool shenanigans) worship community
89. Rice Crispie treats
90. feta cheese
91. not having to wash the dishes
92. hoodies
93. unsolicited little boy kisses and “I love you”s
94. unaccompanied trips to the bathroom
95. the saints
96. peppermint scented soap
97. giggles and grins
98. getting things done
99. sitting back to enjoy
100. about a million other things


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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4 Responses to Thankfulness

  1. Swanski says:

    You just wrote the best list ever! thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    This is a great idea! I love Blue Bloods and a myriad of other things you listed! I'm thankful for you.

  3. Clare ZK says:

    still no rock and roll song for cheese doodles?

  4. I cried!!!! honestly, and I'm not pregnant anymore… You are amazing. thank you for sharing.

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