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Since the boys had in-house distraction, also known as Bapa and Fava, I had a chance to dig through my fabric stash.  And to again lay out the blocks and soon (I hope) to be blocks for the second wedding quilt.  Still a lot to do but shaping up nicely I think 🙂 

The boys had a great time playing Santa and leaving little gifts for our neighbors.  The neighbors were pretty tickled too. 

Adventures in family portraiture.  The balloon Littler has and the toy camera Bigger has were left on our door while we were at Mass on Christmas Eve.  That balloon only lasted maybe another 7 minutes after this picture was taken – Bigger told Littler to throw it at the floor and guess what, it burst.  Considering how strung out they were at this point I was really impressed with how short the upset was over it.  And despite the boys’ hope a new balloon did not come home with Dad and Bapa when they brought in dinner and neither did Santa bring a new one.  (But thankfully by then it was l-o-n-g forgotten.) 
Personally what I like is how it looks like Littler is vanishing before our eyes in this pic. 

While we did manage to get a photo with Santa this year Bigger at least is still not a huge fan of the Big Man up close.  At the party at the preschool Bigger would not go up on his own but pushed Mama ahead of him.  Of course Littler was attached to my other pant leg.  And he was willing to step up and take the present from Santa and was in fact encouraged to do so by his brother.  Granted there were tears moments later when he took it all back from his little mule brother.  Then there was a wee fight over the candy cane.  It’s real, holiday style.  ‘Tis the season, fa la la la la.  ;-|)

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3 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Your quilt looks so cozy and it looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Maybe one day I can learn how to quilt, so pretty!

  3. Lisa says:

    Leaving gifts for your neighbors? What a nice thing!
    Your quilt colors are nice – good luck with it.

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