Tuesday’s Ten

I’m borrowing this from Kristen at St. Monica’s Bridge.  Just what I need to organize myself at the moment 🙂

Ten Things I’m Going to Try This Year
(as opposed to Resolving to Do, which just doesn’t seem to work out now does it?)
1. eat more real foods.  And therefore eat less processed foods.  And therefore need better planning and stocking the freezer with easy snacks and the like. 
2. workout more than just from time to time.  How about starting out with three times a week?  That would be do-able.  Yeah, totally do-able. 
3. read more.  Because the 47 books I finished in 2011 wasn’t enough?  Woozers, I might be nuts.   But there are so many books out there! 
4. finish more projects.  Just how I might pull this off I don’t really know (I think I can claim insanity on this one too.)  But this afternoon I’m going through my yarn and fabric stashes to come up with a list of projects and join up with Kelly at Creating a Family Home on her stash-busting challenge
5. simplify.  I can’t say more about that except that stuff is closing in on me and I need to do something about it.  Yet again, exactly how I might accomplish this is still a mystery.  But I’m good with that.  And I don’t have to deal with it all by tomorrow or anything (thank God!)
6. slow down and enjoy more.  This might be part of the simplification project.  Getting back to finding the good and ditching the negative.  And working on how I handle it as it comes. 
7. keep up better with the vacuuming, laundry, and dishes.  ‘Nough said.
8. keep in touch with friends better.  I tend to be bad about replying to emails (sorry Sarah!) and even sending them in the first place (sorry Kate and Clare!)  I always mean to but am always thinking of it when the computer isn’t on.  And sometimes I think that I think keeping up this blog and our family blog counts as keeping in touch.  But it’s not the same and I want to work on that. 
9. check out local historical sites and hiking spots.  We are luck to be living in an area with LOTS to see.  I mean, we pass Niagara Falls at least a dozen times a year (coming and going) and how often do we stop?  Ok, we actually stop a couple times a year but you get my point.  What else are we driving right past? 
10. move home 🙂 

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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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5 Responses to Tuesday’s Ten

  1. Sarah says:

    I LOVE all these goals. I especially love the simplfying goal! Okay and 47 books is awesome! You rock, I read 45 this year. And I think you do a great job of staying in touch. At least we don't have to only write letters like in the old day!

  2. Swanski says:

    Love your list! I think all of them are doable 🙂

  3. Natalie says:

    I have a tip for your number 5. Last year, I started “a thing a day”. I keep a box in my basement, and each day I put one thing in it that I don't need or doesn't fit or my family has outgrown. When the box is full I bring it to our local charity thrift shop and start again. One thing a day is totally doable…and you can do it for as long as you like and stop when you are ready. Easy peasy.

  4. I'm totally going to simplify this year. 🙂 To new beginnings!

  5. Clare says:

    No problems! I never think of what I need to do when I can actually do it. Or I start and think of something else i can do “really quick”.

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