Yarn Along

Ohh, ohh, have I got stuff to show this week 🙂  First you might have noticed both a new book and project.  I’m still reading One Thousand Gifts.  Still loving it.  Still taking it slow.  But we also have been reading Three Tales of my Father’s Dragon with the boys before bed.  Bigger adores it.  He got it for Christmas (partly because Mama was tired of the constant requests for My Father’s Dragon and had resorted to hiding it and partly because we needed some more small chapter books.)  We flew right through it.  Now what? 

The project looks like the same yarn but really it’s not.  Almost the same color but this is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Mom’s is Knit Picks Comfy (cotton/acrylic).   It’s a hat for me 🙂  Not that this winter is shaping up for me to need it but I suppose the season is still young.  And besides, it’s another stash project.  Maybe I can finish 2 projects in one week?  I also knit a swatch (yeah, really!) for my sweater for me.  Sadly it didn’t come out to gauge but I haven’t gotten out my size 9s to try it.  It’s been a remarkably productive week. 

Here is the major accomplishment.  Not a fabulous picture and before blocking but there you have it.  My mom’s finished shawl 🙂 

Again before blocking but you can get an idea of the lace.  Purdy if I do say so myself. 

After blocking, attempting a self portrait without the self 😉  I’m sorry I couldn’t get better shots.  I have dreams of a nice camera someday but I’m afraid that is a farther off dream than a dishwasher or fenced backyard.
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15 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Tracey says:

    The shawl came out just lovely! It's hard sometimes to get a photo, but you did a great job!

  2. pinkundine says:

    Love the shawl, so pretty 🙂 Good on you casting on with stash yarn for your hat too!

  3. Jen says:

    Very nice job, Kate!

  4. Swanski says:

    The shawl is perfect! And you did a splendid job with the photography. I love ultra alpaca and the hat is going to be perfect for chilly weather.

  5. Ellen says:

    oh yes, a fenced yard and dishwasher are very nice to have! The shawl is lovely. Must feel nice to have finished it.
    We LOVED that book! And what great illustrations.

  6. Your shawl is beautiful and your picture came out great. A good camera is nice but there is lots you can do with Picnik to edit them and make them perfect.

  7. Cheryl says:

    I find photographing shawls really tricky too. To show it in its glory, flat seemms good, but then again to show it as it is, around someone's shoulders. Your shawl is beautiful and I'm sure it will bring much joy.

  8. Emily says:

    Great job on the shawl! Hooray for a new project (and new books:) ).

  9. Congratulations on finishing the shawl – what a wonderful gift!

  10. Kerri Warmus says:

    A fenced yard is on our wishlist as well. We are hoping to foster/adopt again this year so it is going to be a MUST HAVE in order to be licensed for foster care. I love the picture on the book cover and added it to my wish list for when my son is a bit older. I think he will love it! Thanks for sharing; so often this is how I learn about great things for my family.

  11. Lori ann says:

    ooh that book was our favorite! i will always keep it on my shelf (the grandbabies!)
    and your shawl is so pretty! how lucky your mom is, your so sweet.

  12. Greer says:

    Pretty pretty pretty indeed!

  13. Commented yesterday but thanks for joining the Stash Bash!

  14. fairyluver says:

    oh how we LOVE My Father's dragon…such a great book. Your shawl came out so beautiful!!

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