Monday Musings

Right now… I’m up.  The boys were in and on me before 6.  Bigger is having apple slices and cream cheese.  Littler is waiting almost patiently for the WeatherMan to get up so he can have peanut butter with his apple slices. 

This weekend… wasn’t anything special.  Took the boys to story time at the library on Saturday morning.  Watched lots of hockey on TV.  Actually went to mass yesterday.  That was not entirely a success but we went and that counts.  Can I just rant about that for a moment?  I hate cry rooms.  The church we visited yesterday has one of the worst – horrible acoustics so it’s super loud in there and painted on decorative “bars” on the window.  I always feel like I’ve been shunted into a cloister, like we’re lepers or something.  Add to that the toys and books and the boys think we’re there to play.  We do not bring our boys to church to play or to run around.  Yes, they are extremely out of practice when it comes to sitting in mass and yes a whole hour (or more, like yesterday) is more than I really expect them to sit still.  But if there is a “playroom” and other kids running around outside of course they are not going to want to sit quietly.  Uhhggg.

Some plans for this week…  get all the stuff done that got neglected last week because of work and other scheduling changes.  Finishing up the shawl I’m knitting and the quilt top I’m sewing.  Blood work for me and the WeatherMan.  A preschool field trip.  Hopefully spending lots of time outdoors.

If I find time for myself…  I think I’ll take a nap.  I suppose my knitting and sewing are really plans for myself so there’s that.  Some reading would be nice. 

I am grateful for…  sunshine, happy noise, mashed potatoes, boys who are becoming friends, novenas, friends who are praying for us, ginger ale and coke, good books. 

Some prayer intentions for this week…  for a very special intention.  To pass my glucose test today.  And not throw up in the process.  (That orange glup on an empty stomach is just begging for trouble.) 

Something that made me smile…

My wee Gene Kelly 🙂  Makes for one happy dancer mama.  I want to get him some tap shoes so bad but I am certain our neighbors would not have the same appreciation. 


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. Swanski says:

    I hope you passed your test with the contents in the stomach. I was so lucky to opt out and eat a weird breakfast (which was quite gaggy as well). Oh well. Good luck!

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