{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

~ Capturing the context of everyday life ~

I love letting the boys paint.  We rarely work on creating “stuff,” probably because I’m pretty lazy and also because so many of the projects for this age group are either not enough kid involvement (and therefore too much mama work) or are just plain dull.  But I love letting them just have at it.  And they make some very pretty pictures.  And we paper our plain apartment walls with them. 

One happy boy eating ice cream.

Here is what we had – Divine Mercy Sundaes 🙂  The idea came from Lacy at Catholic Icing.  And I thought they were pretty stinking brilliant.  I think I lost some points on presentation but they were yummy all the same. 

The crafts are playgroup are so well loved.  But usually a little bit big for Littler.  Not that that bothers him.  It did make Mama a little nervous since he insisted on eating the tiny cupcake while wearing his crown and walking across the parking lot to home. 

I’m not sure if you can tell what is going on here.  Bigger is winding up to punch Littler.  And the WeatherMan TOOK A PICTURE!  Yup.  While the boys are beginning to be friends and actually play together they are also using each other to get out their aggression.  The wonders of emotions moving faster than brains.  That’s pretty real to us. 

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2 Responses to {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

  1. Swanski says:

    Well maybe they were just going to hug in the last photo?? Love the ice cream 🙂

  2. LOL! Love the last picture because I CAN TOTALLY RELATE! Except it's my 3 year old doing that kind of stuff with my 10 month old. Sigh.

    I've started following some preschool art blogs that are all about minimal set up and just letting kids enjoy the process. Lots of great ideas out there. I can't remember their names but if you'd like I have a Pinterest button on my blog and the ideas are under Preschool Activities.

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