Monday Musings

Right now… the boys are laying on the couch watching a toy train DVD.  It’s been a wild morning.  Some mornings they’re just off the walls, ya know.  I’m enjoying a little quiet.  I’m a little amazed at myself for finishing a second post today.  Too much stuff running around in my head I guess.  I’m also still in my jammies even though it’s after noon.  I have an OB appointment this afternoon and am waiting for the WeatherMan to get up (he came off a night shift at 6 this morning) so that I can get a shower and get dressed.  Outside it’s windy and a little rainy.  But at least it’s not snow.  Although the boys did just announce that it’s snowing so maybe there are some fat wet flakes mixed in there.  Fun.
This weekend… was productive.  I can’t believe some of the stuff I got done.  Lots of stuff organized and put away.  A little reading done.  Lots of reading to the boys.  Lots of hockey watched – go Flyers!  A few recipes tried out to give me some easy things to eat this week (potato soup and rice-a-phonie, in case you’re curious.)  Both turned out well and both reheat well too.  The soup is especially good with some leftover ham in it. 

Some plans for this week… trying to get more stuff done?  I’m not sure I dare to hope my productivity will continue.  I am trying to take part in a challenge I found on a blog – to work on making kids’ clothes an hour a day for 7 days.  You can check it out here if you’re interested.  I figured since I can count sewing and knitting time I might be able to do it.  And if nothing else it’s worth a shot.  There’s also a duty day at preschool this week.  That’s always fun. 

If I find some time for myself…  nothing out of the ordinary- nap, read, knit, sew.  The WeatherMan’s work schedule is really weird this week so I’m not really counting on that much time to myself.  At least not at times I have any energy or motivation to do anything. 

I am grateful for…  having a spare phone since ours died last night.  Library books.  Potato soup.  Comments on my posts, it means so much to hear from people who are reading 🙂 

Some prayer intentions for this week… a very special intention.  I don’t think I can say more except that I am onto my third novena for this. 

Something that made me smile…


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1 Response to Monday Musings

  1. Swanski says:

    So far there is no snow, phew. The sewing every day looks like fun, I hope you enjoy it.

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