Needle & thREAD

Lookee here!  I finished something else this week 🙂  Ok, not the most impressive of projects but still it’s done, it’s useful, it kept me from throwing something in the trash, and I wont be totally embarrassed if they become his favorites and he has to wear them out every day. 
I decided to take up the Kids Clothes Week Challenge and work for an hour a day making wearable stuff for my kids.  And yes, I will admit that this wee project took nearly an entire hour.  First was looking it up on the Internet – I have a tendency to jump in with both feet (and scissors) and then try to figure out what I’m doing.  Then cutting off the bottoms of the pants took less time than taking out the mat and rotary cutter.  I probably could have spent more time pinning and making sure they were straight and even.  But who’s really gonna be looking that closely at the 2 year old’s shorts?  The real challenge was changing the foot on my sewing machine because I was pretty sure that the walking foot was not going to work well for hemming. 

All in all it was a good learning project.  Before jumping in and trying to make a garment from the pattern up.  Today’s plan is to get some tracing paper so I can trace the pattern I have for shorts.  Bigger actually needs some more shorts.  And I found a tutorial for making jammies from a men’s polo shirt.  He needs some summer weight jammies too.  Might need a trip to the thrift shop to get some cheap polos too – I don’t think the WeatherMan wants to part with any of his 😉 

Now, for the reading portion of the post…  Our trip to the library on Saturday yielded some awesome books for the boys.  I think their favorite of the bunch was Fly High, Fly Low by Don Freeman.  It’s a cute story of a pigeon who lives in the lower loop of the letter B in a sign in San Francisco.  That, coupled with our field trip for the birds program at the botanical gardens, inspired a game of “mama bird” where the boys built themselves nests on the couch and sat on their “eggs” till they were ready to hatch.  Then they ran around the apartment looking for bugs for their babies.  They’re imaginative play has really taken off in the last couple weeks, it’s just amazing to watch 🙂 

Linking up with at In the Heart of my Home 🙂  And enjoying all the projects and books over there.


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4 Responses to Needle & thREAD

  1. hannahw says:

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I love repurposing clothes so your prject gets an A+ from me!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Excellent job! What a great idea.

  3. Alisa says:

    oh I have a few pairs of pants I should do that too..isn't the internet great for learning!!! Great job!!

  4. Nice job! I have some holey kneed pants to fix here as well.

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