Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

~ Capturing the context of everyday life ~
Last week we all went on a field trip with Bigger’s preschool class to the botanical gardens for a program about birds.  It was a fun outing and the boys had a blast.  One of their activities was making their own pretty bird. 

Littler was SO happy to get to be one of the kids.  He wants so much to go to school with Bigger.  He knows the whole getting-to-school routine and is so ready.  Even though he couldn’t keep up with all the bigger kids.  But he’s game to try.  And next year it will be his turn.   

Now we’re practicing how to feed the chickadees.  Sadly for us the birds were all smarter than the preschoolers and just waited till they got bored, dropped the bird seed they were holding, and wandered off – then they came to eat it. 
And that smudge on his forehead?  It’s an owl stamp from the bingo game we played.  He put it there himself.  And yes both teachers commented to me that it looked like it was Ash Wednesday. 

It was Bigger’s field trip yet the good pictures I got were pretty much of Littler.  What can I say, some weeks are just like that. 
I love this one though, he looks so thoughtful. 

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