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I have gotten some time to sew this week and it’s coming along very nicely I think.  I have 7 out of 10 strips sewen and those remaining 3 are laid out and just need sewing. 

I’m happy to have gotten this time to myself and to work.  And Littler was happy to help a bit too. 
Project ADD much?  There’s the pattern and you can see a little of the fabric for making some shorts for Bigger.  Handmade Beginnings and the pieces for the top of the baby sleep sack.  (Note to self: renew that one online.  With fingers crossed that no one has a hold on it!)  Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks is waiting there for me to be brave enough to cast on a trial pair.  If I don’t start my cardi for me first.  Or maybe even if I do.  And on top the most important and the one that certainly sees the most actual use – my sewing machine manual.

How Mama really gets some time to sew with Littler’s help.   

And then letting him have a turn with the camera.  He has an interesting eye, I think.  Of course I also had to delete about 7 useless photos too but we don’t really need to talk about that.  That’s just how it works.  😉

Linking up with Elizabeth today too.  I love seeing what all people can create!  As if I needed more ideas.  

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5 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real} – needle & thREAD

  1. Your quilt looks AMAZING! I want to learn how to quilt (I have loads of my girls' clothes that I have been cutting into squares for exactly that purpose.

    Your little guy does have a good eye! I started a photography blog with my four-year-old's pictures because I was so surprised by her perspective. Check it out if you have a chance:

    Thanks for sharing what's been happening in your corner of the world! 🙂

  2. Swanski says:

    beautiful fabrics in your quilt, love the shades!

  3. Roxie says:

    Lovely quilt! I'm from a family of quilters but I haven't jumped in – yet!

  4. hannahw says:

    The quilt is going to be gorgeous! Your little one is quite the little photographer!


  5. Lisa says:

    Your quilt is going to be awfully pretty!

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