Monday Musings

Right now…  The sun is shining, the birds are singing (and have been since ungodly early), Littler has tried to have 2 screaming matches with me already, and it’s only 7:15.  I’m sitting in the squeaky glider, Bigger is rocking the foot stool and crashing his head into my knee while I attempt to eat my breakfast (zucchini bread and a super tart kiwi) and attempt to write this.  It’s shaping up to be quite a day.  But I did manage to get a shower in, that’s saying something. 

This weekend…  was long.  It is hot.  The WeatherMan was on the night shift (4 straight nights in fact.)  Littler has decided that pitching screaming fits is a super way to get what he wants.  Sadly for him it never works.  And sadly for me it really hurts my ears.  We used to joke in high school that the fire alarm was designed for the deaf to feel it and his shrieks are just the same.  I hope this is a very short phase. 

Plans for the week…  it’s Bigger’s last week of preschool – he is the Helping Hand on Tuesday and Thursday is “graduation.”  (Note to self: remember to dress cute.)  I have an OB appointment and need to pick something things up at the store this afternoon.  (Note to self: do NOT forget the berries for preschool or the new mop, having spent some time on the kitchen floor with screaming and/or crying children this weekend I can attest to the fact that this place needs mopping in a bad way.)  I have some projects to start with the boys and of course my constant works in progress, which desperately need attention. 

If I find some time for myself…  sleep, I would sleep.  I have been so drained lately that I need to catch up.  And of course my knitting is currently stalled because I have been simply too tired to do battle with unknitting 2 rows to see if I try again I can get the pattern right.  And of course the three sewing projects sitting by the sewing machine just waiting for me to have time for them too.  And some writing – I have a few posts rambling around in my head but no brain capacity to sit down and write.  My dreams are big. 

I am grateful for…  showers, fans, chocolate, an excellent public library, Mr Rogers, salad, fresh fruit, bedtime. 

Some prayer intentions…  a variation on the same theme.  Not sure which way I really am hoping for this one to go, it’s rather complicated. 

Something that makes me smile…. 

And he couldn’t even appreciate that the kitties were hanging out with him (for once) because he was asleep.  And yes, feel free to read that either way.  Both are accurate. 


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. swanski says:

    I am not a fan of really hot days. I hope the weather cools off soon for you. I also hope the temper tantrums are a thing of the past. My son would do those for me (not for my husband!)!

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