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It’s beautiful when they happily work on something and I can sit and put my feet up. 
When the WeatherMan isn’t on shift he takes the boys at the crack of dawn (before it gets hot or busy) to the park to play.  The boys are happy climbing, digging, having snack, being out.  Mama’s happy at home, keeping cool, getting some stuff done, and just getting to put her feet up. 
I finally started packing a hospital bag.  Got the essentials – hat, booties, soda, meds, diapers, and Tim’s card.  Maybe I should work on that… 😉
This is the only “nursery” space we have.  Pack’n’play isn’t set up (it’s still in the closet in fact.)  Car seat isn’t installed (still in the basement actually.)  Hospital paperwork isn’t finished.  Pantry isn’t stocked.  But I did get some boxes sorted and moved and I did get this cute little space set up.  I’m a little stressed about it.  But at the same time, meh.  None of that is rocket science.  It’ll get done. 

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2 Responses to {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} – getting ready for baby

  1. Jen says:

    My daughter was a month early and I had NOTHING done. Just a little nursery area for her set up. Not even a bag packed. My mom was kind of enough to bring us everything we needed each day. We survived too so if all you have packed are those few things you're good to go 😉 Thinking of you these last few days before the little one arrives!

  2. swanski says:

    I think you're half way there to being ready for your new bundle. The rest is easy peasy and something your husband can do 🙂 How exciting!!

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