Farmers’ market goodies

Yesterday we ventured out to the farmers’ market.  It was a bit of a struggle.  It was going to be another super hot day.  I had been super uncomfortable the night before and didn’t want a repeat of that.  Bigger was cranky, at least partly because I refused to push the double stroller and therefore he had to walk.  And there was always a chance that the popcorn lady wouldn’t be there or wouldn’t have my favorite sweet & salty popcorn.  And the real reason for going was for the popcorn.  Yeah, yeah, get out of the house, get some fresh air and exercise.  My motivation was not so virtuous. 

So we wandered over.  It isn’t really that far.  You can see the mall where the market is held from our living room window, I guess it would be about 2 blocks walk in all.  The popcorn lady is at the far end of the market so you never know till the very end.  But by now I had come up with a backup plan – no popcorn and we would stop at McD’s for egg and cheese biscuits on the way home.  (Because in those two blocks there is a McD’s and they would be serving breakfast at 9:30 in the morning.)  I was not going home empty handed. 

Cruising the market on our quest for popcorn, Bigger was like a treat seeking missile.  He stopped in front of every possible booth where they had once or might give samples.  Of course the bakery, the cupcake company, and the homemade ice cream mobile were all right in a row.  And I wont deny that I was tempted, sorely tempted.  But funds were limited and we were here for popcorn.  His puppy dog eyes did not sway me – we were on a mission. 

And there it was – sweet & salty kettle corn!  Success!  I bought two bags. 

We also bought peaches (seconds, so we have to eat them up quickly, shucks 😉  And cherries.  And the boys did get to sample a sugar plum.  Looks like he’s saying “get in ma belly!”  to all that yumminess, doesn’t it? 

No, he is not missing any teeth.  He just has a big ol’ gap.  All the better for jello and spaghetti slurping.  And Bapa has a gap too so it’s all the cooler. 

On our way home, this little stinker declared he had a good idea.  We should get bologna.  So we went to the “bologna store.”  (There is a European market kinda next to the McD’s, of all places, with a nice deli counter.  And a really good bakery.  But I digress.)  Bigger got to pick which kind he wanted – with the red casing.  And the boys each got a sample slice right there at the counter.  🙂  As long as we were there I thought we should get some fresh pretzels.  After all, Bigger and I had read Walter the Baker by Eric Carle at 5:30 that morning.  And I was getting a little hungry myself.  Even after a peach and (more than) a few handfuls of popcorn. 

Stinker tried to pitch a fit when he discovered he hadn’t picked the checkout where the nice lady always gave him and his brother a piece of candy.  So he fought his brother over the bag of pretzels.  Once that was settled he headed out the first door – and leaned on it so I wouldn’t be able to open it.  Just as I was getting him to move enough to open the door an older couple went out the door on the other side, Bigger dropped his fight for the door, and held their door open for them.  Very sweet child, isn’t he?  And as soon as they were through he let it shut.  In front of me and Littler in the stroller.  Did I mention he was a stinker?  The couple did stop at the next set of doors to make sure I would get out.  Or maybe it was straight up curiousity as to how this would play out.  Either way, we did all make it out of the store and even all the way home without further incident. 

All in all, it was a good outting.  And now I’m thinking about more pretzels.  🙂  (I already had a peach and some popcorn for breakfast.)  


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