Yarn Along

I so love Yarn Alongs.  I love being able to share and get ideas.  And get motivated to finish projects.  Yay for checking in with what’s going on with everyone at small things!

 I was able to get some kniiting done this week.  A baby who actually sleeps, sometimes even in her own bed is a remarkable thing.  The body of the puerperium is finished.  Now onto sleeves.  I’m thinking I’ll leave it with short sleeves – less work that way 😉  I’ve also gotten a few rows done on my purdy scarf. 

So taking this picture was funny for a couple reasons.  First, just how large it looks.  Or how tiny she looks.  Either way it’ll be a while before she wears it.  The second funny was that she had the hiccups.  I love newborn hiccups.  They aren’t upset by them for one.  And they sound like a drunken squirrel in a cartoon. 

Readingwise I finished Certain Women last night.  I’m getting a lot of reading done because it’s so easy to do one handed.  Next up – to finish This Is My Body and get back into Sherlock Holmes.  I had to take a break from Holmes after he said “pshaw” – it was just a little wonky, don’t ask me why, and I needed to step away.  But now I want to find out what happens after that brush off.


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9 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Paula says:

    Aww that is quite cute – at least she has a lovely dress to look forward to wearing 🙂

  2. She looks so tiny compared to the sweater. WOW! And baby hiccups are adorable. Crazy when the kiddo is in utero though.

  3. swanski says:

    She is tiny but she will grow! Better than being too small. I like the yarnalong too-it makes me so accountable!

  4. Aww! Seeing your newest little one makes my womb ache just a little.

    She is gorgeous, Kate!

  5. What a little sweetie. She'll grow into the puerperium soon enough!
    I like them with short sleeves too, they are more versatile, whatever the weather may bring!

  6. She is so cute! I love short sleeves on baby sweaters…

  7. Lori ann says:

    oh my gosh such a tiny little angel! look at her feet! just like a dolls, in the blink of an eye she'll be wearing this, and outgrowing it!

  8. Dee says:

    Such a sweet little baby, and sweater too! Babys who sleep, and in their own bed are very special indeed.

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