Ten Minute Tuesday

I came across a new theme possibility for Tuesday – ye old 10 minute timed writing.  Just write for 10 minutes.  I should be able to do that.  But here I sit, fretting it because I just KNOW as soon as I get started Smallest will wake up.  She’s been napping for a little over 3.5 hours.  It’s just a matter of time now.  But if I don’t start this now I will never get around to it.  (I need to write my Yarn Along post for tomorrow still and I should make some headway on that tonight or it will take over too much of my morning tomorrow and that always sets us up for a bad morning.  And by us I mean me, I spend too much time sitting at the computer and everything else just dissolves into chaos.  So writing the night before is the best bet.) 

Anyway, she’s still not up but I’m thinking I should go put more chicken into the soup for dinner.  It’s pink chicken and rice soup.  I should add some frozen veggies too.  Are you wondering why pink soup?  I put in a beet when making my broth 🙂  I love beets.  And pink soup might just interest the boys enough to get them to eat it.  Soup tends to be a hit or miss supper ’round these parts.  I hope I get to eat some, Baby Girl will probably be waking up right around the time it’s ready. 

Oh well, there’s still the challenge of writing for 10 minutes.  What is there to write about?  This is just the kind of assignment that would have made me sick to my stomach in school – the anxiety of figuring out what to write would have been overwhelming.  I’ve been thinking of ideas since yesterday.  The $15 nail clippers I bought yesterday?  The stink bug that just managed to get in through the closed porch door?  I better keep an eye on that till the timer goes off and get.it.out.of.here! 

Blasted, I’m wandering off again.  But there goes the timer!  I finished!  Will I publish it?  Will I get that bug out of here?  Will I get to eat supper without a screaming baby?  Who knows.  Time to go get rid of a bug!


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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3 Responses to Ten Minute Tuesday

  1. I love stream of consciousness… no rules, just writing. I don't do it often, but when I do… uhg… wouldn't be for my blog!

    Good luck!

  2. Neen says:

    Brave but funny. I hope you got the bug and that dinner was a hit.

  3. karen says:

    A bug in the house would stop me dead. I hope you were able to eat some pink soup and that the boys loved it 🙂

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