Monday Musing

Right now… it’s just about 7 but I doubt I’ll finish this post in one sitting.  The sun is starting to come up and the boys have been up forever.  At least it seems like forever since Bigger was up when the WeatherMan left for work at 5:30 and I was up with Smallest during the night.  (This might not seem like “news” but I am making an effort to a)move her bedtime earlier in the evening, which while not a failure last night was not a riotous success either and b)keep her in her own crib for most of the night rather than bringing her into our bed whenever she wakes, again while not a total failure I was up much more than usual.  Although I probably would not have gotten up at all if she had not had a very loud and juicy sounding poop, loud enough to wake me up.  And then it took me nearly an hour to get her back into her own bed where she stayed for a whopping 45 minutes.  I am reminding myself that these smallish sacrifices should pay off with better sleep for her and therefore me in the long run.  Right?)  Needless to say, I am tired and I’ll admit a bit cranky. 

This weekend… was typical.  Did some grocery shopping.  Did some laundry.  I am so far not impressed with the WalMart brand oxyclean – 2 soaks and washes of poopy baby clothes and still they’re poopy.  I’ll try once more and up the scoops, hopefully that will do the trick.  Did some reading and a little knitting.  Did some sorting and reorganizing.  Made some applesauce and apple crisp. 

Some plans for the week… help Smallest with getting better sleep (I think she’s been getting over tired in the evening and that’s been hurting us too.)  Cleaning day at preschool (and I should really schedule a cleaning day here too but know I just wont be as motivated so I’ll be making do with the little bits as I get to them.)  Making lots more applesauce and apple crisp.  Lots of the usual reading, snuggles, coloring, outings, and hopefully very few fits.  But that last bit I know I have little real control over so we’ll just have to do what we can. 

If I find some time for myself, I would like to… work on some of the many projects floating around in various stages and those just being dreamed of.  But that’s pretty much a dream right now so I’ll just take whatever snatches of moments I can to knit and read.  Maybe I can get some cutting done for a little project with some applique… 

I am grateful for…  sunshine, boys who made their beds this morning, plastic cups, Mr Rogers, apple trees next door, someone else washing dishes, a knitting project that has very short rows, a few moments of quiet to finish this post 🙂

Some prayer intentions… a very special intention, for an end to dairy sneaking into my diet and making Baby Girl mis-er-a-ble, to get all the apples used up before I go crazy, for a huge yard…

Something that makes me smile…  because I need it today.

And sure enough, I’m finally finishing at 1:15. 


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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2 Responses to Monday Musing

  1. meghann says:

    Oh my goodness, how could that little face *not* make you smile? So sweet…

    I'm sorry sleep isn't going as well as it could be. I remember those days well; thankfully my youngest is my best sleeper, but Julia was still climbing into bed with us every night when Asher was an infant, so…yeah. I hope it gets better soon. xo

  2. karen says:

    dairy is not your friend. Remember that, I love the last photo, what a sweet happy face 🙂

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