Mondayish Musings

Right now… I think the boys are crushing rice cakes and crackers and brushing the crumbs onto the floor.  In order to step on them.  But I’m not looking because right now I really don’t want to know.  I’ve been up since just before 6 because that was when my presence was required to turn on the bathroom light and “keep a eye on me” for Littler.  Since thenI have been folding laundry, washing dishes, changing diapers, feeding the hungry masses, walking to and from the library, putting Smallest for a nap (only took two tries!) and now I think I hear her crying again.  Arg. 

Sure enough, she was awake and not pleased about it.  But now it is 8:24 and all three are in bed (their own) and quiet.  I am certain it will not last long but I am enjoying it.  By writing this post and hanging laundry.  It’s not exactly my dream evening but we need dry towels and I just know if I think about what I would like it be doing let along pick it up the Smallest One will wake up.  And no one will be happy about it. 

And now it is almost 10 on Tuesday morning.  Smallest is napping, Littler is at preschool, Bigger is on the couch looking at a book and waiting for me to read more with him 🙂 

This weekend…  was beautiful.  The weather was gorgeous.  There was playing and story time at the library.  Sunday morning we walked to Mass and got the ultimate compliment.  A dad in the cry room with us asked me “how do you do it?  The boys are so well behaved.”  🙂  For the record, his son was 19 months oldas of that morning and made a mad dash down the center aisle.  Don’t worry.  I told him I have fond memories of both boys running for it.  And the kids were also given little presents at church.  One of the ladies came up to us after Mass with a baby gift… and a book each for the boys.  What a sweet and smart lady – not only gifts for the big brothers but the outfit she got for Smallest is size 24 months. 

Some plans for the week…  lots of reading, some vegan baking, playgroup, a preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch, cleaning day at preschool, Halloween story time at the library, downtown trick-or-treating, Mass, and the farewell service for the man who runs all the child, youth, and family programs at the church where we go to playgroup (he’s been assigned to his own parish in the next city over, we’re very happy for him but also a bit sad for ourselves.)  It will be interesting to see how the boys respond to the Anglican service.  I’ve also set myself a goal of doing some core exercises at least 5 out of each 7 days.  I started last night – after the second time I put Baby Girl back to bed she slept long enough for me to finish hanging the wash up and to do plank, child’s pose, plank, and she was starting to cry as I started downward dog.  Not much of a workout but enough to start getting my abs back! 

If I find some time for myself…  I probably would sit there, stare at the wall, and pick my nose.  Well, maybe not pick my nose but you get the picture.  I would like to get a ton of things done – knitting, reading, sewing, organizing, starting looking at things online for Christmas plans and gifts.  But that seems highly unlikely at the moment so I’ll just take whatever I get and try to enjoy whatever I can anyway. 

I am grateful for…  vegan chocolate, sleeping in this morning, a wonderful library, a wonderful preschool, good books, naps, smiles,

Some prayer intentions…  for a special intention, to move home, for some good baby sleep in the evenings, for Mike as he sets out for his new parish,

Something that makes me smile…

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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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2 Responses to Mondayish Musings

  1. Tracey says:

    I remember those day so very well when I wondered if my children would ever sleep! Now, I can't get them out of bed.
    Your photo makes me smile too, such a beautiful baby!

  2. karen says:

    At our church's cry room there is a child (toddler?) that screams for more than half the mass. It is definitely an angry defiant scream. We smile 🙂 I did not take my kids to church regularly until kindergarten and then they were allowed a book to entertain them until second grade. I never fed them food but I see some parents giving their children mini eggos!!! Wow!

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