In the midst of Christmas

Here we are, in the middle of Christmas.  We’re still happily playing Christmas music and watching Christmas movies.  We’re enjoying having the tree lit and tomorrow will be baking some more cookies.

There is always something of a let down after Christmas.  All that work, all that preparation, all that planning and baking and making and wrapping and excitement.  And it’s over in a day.  And I feel like I got nothing done.  Now, my mom accuses me of trying to do too much and partly she’s right.  I probably do think I can accomplish more than is actually possible.  Especially with a baby who just doesn’t really sleep well.  But I don’t think any of my projects are really over reaching myself and yet I finished only one so far.


Thankfully Christmas is not really over in a day and we have another week still to enjoy.  And who knows, I might just finish something else.


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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