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I almost posted a picture of the pretty little one who is largely responsible for my lack of time but then I thought that would be a little snarky.  So instead here is my pretty Christmas cactus.  Right now it has 4 blooms and 3 more buds!  What a gorgeous surprise when we found the 7 buds and the boys have had a blast announcing each new bloom.



Let me tell you about this happy little one.  I really hoped I wouldn’t have to ever say it – she is a worse sleeper than her brother.  For those who don’t know, her biggest brother was a HORRIFIC sleeper.  The first 7 weeks of his life he and I slept upright on the couch because he wouldn’t let me put him down.  He got better after that until our world turned a bit upside down and by the time he was 5 months old he didn’t sleep.  Just 45 minute power naps and up for hours each night screaming.  Littler brother was a little better but then again it doesn’t take much to improve on horrific.

And now for our Smallest bad sleeper.  Every night she goes  to bed and is awake anywhere from a few minutes later to once she slept a whole hour and a half.  Usually it’s somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes.  Then she’s up.    Some nights I can just pick her up and carry her around a bit and she’ll go back to sleep.  But most nights it’s time to par-tay.  Hence her big happy grin – hanging out with Mama and Daddy all to herself.

The kicker – she can nap good long naps during the day.  She can ever settle herself (she just cried a moment and went back to sleep while I was writing this.)  It’s not a case of confusing days and nights because she can sleep during the day!  So soon we have to do something to help her sleep better because this mama is worn out.  And a little pissy that every time she so much as touches her knitting that sweet, mostly cheerful baby wakes up.

I know this sounds like a big whine instead of the {happy} it’s supposed to be but it isn’t.  Her brothers were horrible sleepers but now they sleep.  Sure, many nights one or both of them come and get snuggly in bed with me but then they sleep.  My point is that it will get better.  It’s just a matter of time.  I hope it’s a short time until we’re sleeping better but at least in the meantime she’s a happy baby and she does sleep (with me, in my bed, most of the night.)  But hey, sleep is sleep.



Enjoying her evening up with Mama and Daddy, rolling around the living room and checking out her brothers’ toys.  Now, Mama would certainly prefer this little monkey to be sleeping.  But she is rather entertaining when it’s just her and she can play.

Her brothers are pretty entertaining too.  Like singing “We Three Kings” at church and the boys announcing that “they forgot to say ‘oh yeah!'”  Because they know the Claymation version where the camels sing “oh yeah” at the end.

Also funny, the spell checker here on WordPress keeps trying to tell me I’ve misspelled words I know are correct.  I just happen to use big words thank- you- very- much.  Although I do appreciate the suggestion for a big WINE 😉  There are times I think that might help too.



The WeatherMan took the boys for what turned into a nature walk – they set out to see where fish keep their money.  Granted, they’re too little to really get puns but they had a good time (never mind that they didn’t find any money or that it was really a creek.)  Looking at the pictures I’m a little sad that I didn’t go along.  But Baby Girl was having a good nap and I watched the YouTube videos I’ve been saving to watch when I had a moment of quiet.  It was challenging trying to learn a picot bind off without touching my knitting but I wasn’t taking any chances on this nap.  It was also tough learning exercises for my separated abs without doing them along with the videos but I think I got a few to work on because I am desperate for some ab muscles again and to get rid of some of this back pain.  Carrying around a not sleeping baby every night has not done much to help anything.

I have been wanting to write for so long.  I just can’t get the time to sit down or when I do my brain is mush.  There’s a whole lot not getting done and it’s really frustrating me – yes to the point where I am at times feeling bitter and resentful about it.  And that needs to be addressed.  So I’m putting it out there, partly to just get it said and partly to make myself accountable and here is today’s efforts at enjoying what is good and ignoring what isn’t 😉

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1 Response to {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Leila says:

    Ah, poor baby. The sleeplessness gets to you!
    Have you ever read “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems” by Richard Ferber? He is a genius.
    The problem is being awake enough to understand it 🙂

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