Yarn Along

Happy Spring!  There might be snow on the ground but it wont be long now till the nice weather is here.  So for now I’m enjoying the sun shining and getting ready to make water ice after I finish writing this post 🙂


We’ve had another week where it feels like nothing has gotten done – Baby Girl again refusing to sleep and tired, frustrated Mama bringing her out to sleep on her chest while she watches NCIS.  So there went my knitting plans.  This week I did finish Mom’s cowl and I love it.  And I have enough yarn left over to make another.  🙂  Once that was off needles I cast on my next (and last) Christmas gift.  Actually, true to form, I cast on twice.  And true to form, the crazy part of my mind thinks “I could finish this up in time for our (hopeful) trip next month and give it away then!”  Sadly, the more rational part of my brain is probably more accurate – “It’s a good thing I’m loving this pattern because I will probably be knitting it for 3 or 4 more months.”  But I do love it and am already looking forward to making one for myself someday.


Here is the last eternal project – Cinnamon Grace (my picture does not do the color justice, it’s really a beautiful red called autumn heather.)  You can see my blocking dilemna.  In the end I did not reblock the whole thing but tried to reshape the straight end to give it a little curl too.  It was a really enjoyable knit other than blocking all though little picot bumps, that was a pain.  If I were to do it again I would make it bigger (I was rather conservative on sizing because I was paranoid about running out of yarn.  But I had more than enough and plenty left over so longer would have been better I think.)

My reading is no different this week.  Still enjoyable, when I get to read.  Which is never enough.  😉  And so I’m off to link up with Ginny and to make my water ice.  Yum!  Happy Wednesday!



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8 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Jean Fleck says:

    Love the pattern on the cowl…great work. I can see that it requires a little concentration.

  2. I’m so glad she liked it!

  3. heathermama says:

    the cowl is wonderful and the shawl looks great. 🙂

  4. L.E. says:

    I got a Baby Girl who likes to keep me from knitting too. I sympathize!!

  5. Leslie says:

    Adding the cowl to my library….Yarn Along is like walking through a cutting garden and you can pick a little here and a little there, such fun!

  6. I am loving the lace pattern. Nice work!

  7. karen says:

    Oh I hope the dear little one sleeps! Jeez she’s been going on three weeks now….Love your projects and am amazed with how much knitting you are getting done even though you are sleep deprived. Are you sleep knitting (ha ha)?

  8. meghann says:

    I feel better now, that my brother’s Christmas gift is still in my knitting basket. Although I haven’t actually picked it up since Christmastime, so I suppose I should feel a little bad about it. You appear to still be actually working on Christmas gifts, whereas I’ve actually given up!
    Your wrap is gorgeous, and I love the lace pattern in the first photo. Your knitting is so lovely… xo

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