One of those days

You know how it is, one of those days where you’re not feeling well and camped out on the couch.  And your sweet baby comes over.  And proceeds to bite you.  Then once you get her two pin sharp teeth out of the soft spot just below your thumb she looks over your shoulder and says, with a huge grin, “da da da da da.”

Kinda like the day over the weekend when the biggest child asks when daddy is coming home.  Your answer?  “Not soon enough.”  Adding under your breath “because I just got poop in your sister’s hair.”

I suppose I should amend the title of this post to one of those weeks.

Thankfully tomorrow is another day.  Hopefully I will feel better.  Hopefully we will have no more epic diapers.  Thankfully, even with sharp teeth and poop in their hair, they’re pretty cute.  And sometimes sweet – Bigger has asked several times how I’m feeling.

And soon it will be bedtime.



About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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