Working on it

There is never enough time, is there? I feel like I have a million and a half things going and no time to do anything. But there really are things I’m working on and there really are things I’m accomplishing. And yes, I am writing this post to prove it – to myself!

I’m really working at keeping up with those drated dishes. It’s a serious struggle but it’s getting better. Nights like last night do not help – when Baby Girl is up til 9:30 and then wakes up again at 10 and I am so tired, hungry, and cranky that I end up in tears, yelling at the WeatherMan. That really doesn’t help a lot of things. But most days the dishes are done at least a couple times a day including before going to bed. Some days I even do crazy things like vacuum. Maybe days like today, when I may or may not have vacuumed the floor, kitchen table, high chair, and air conditioner.

I’m working on getting the boys to drink more water. How? We had to buy a new sugar bowl (don’t ask) so we got a set at Value Village and the boys are using the creamer as a pitcher. They LOVE it! They’re getting to “play” with water, getting some hand-eye practice with the pouring, and they’re drinking more water, happily. We also got a couple cute ice cube trays. One is arrows and Littler just informed me that he wanted the arrows “like Robin Hood, he has arrows.”

I’m working on my posture and rebuilding my poor separated abs. This is tough because I am rather lazy and when I have time I just don’t have the energy for working out. But I’m consciously thinking about it and trying to stand up straight and whatnot so that’s at least something.

Similarly, I’m really working at getting back into real food. It’s been a challenge with the dairy-egg-nut-free Baby Girl, those all being biggies in the real food world and all things I really like. But I think we might be turning some corners with the sensitivity thing and yay for that! I also finally found some yummy dairy-egg-gluten-nut-free cookies that are super yummy and not too expensive (for that kind of treat anyway.) I was initially interested because in the ingredients listing it says “contains soy, oats, and fava” and that just tickled me. Ya see, Fava is what the boys call my mom. But even better than that – they taste just like Sausalitos (without the macadamias, of course.) Super yum!

We might be working on Baby Girl’s sleep. Well, I for one would like to be. It’s next to impossible, though, due to utter exhaustion. Littler’s preschool had a silent auction recently and one of the offerings was a mini-session with a certified sleep consultant. Such a position really does exist. I have certain reservations about people making a living off sleep deprived parents – spending hundreds of dollars in the hopes of finding the right advice to follow to get your precious wee one to sleep is something I find a little crazy. But yes I am so desperate that I bid. And I did win it. (It’s a donation to the school really, right? And no I did not spend a great deal of this.) I’ll keep you posted about how that works out.

Oh, and about this post? There’s an interview on Monday. Please pray!

About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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2 Responses to Working on it

  1. I’m praying, Kate!

  2. Cathy says:

    Praying the job comes through

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