Tuesday Musing

Right now… it is way to early after waaaay too long a night.  The boys are up after not enough sleep, Baby Girl was up extra ealy after being up at least every hour, and the WeatherMan is at work.  I am not sure how we will all survive this day but at least the sun is coming up, it’s not raining, and there is chocolate in the house.  And because it is not raining I will be walking to Target after dropping Littler at preschool.  (Have I mentioned that I can see Target from my living room?  That’s kinda awesome.)

This weekend…  was really only Saturday.  I slept in (after depositing Baby in the living room with everyone else at 6:30.)  It was really my only “break” in two weeks and needless to say it wasn’t enough but at least it was something.  I’m more hopeful for a good break this coming weekend.

Some plans for the week…  at the moment not much other than survive.  We’re “working” on Baby Girl’s sleep which mostly means I am and that means I’m pretty much up every hour with her.  That’s rough.  I’m hopeful it will be getting better soon.  Littler’s preschool graduation is this week and I’m not sure how we got to the end of the school year so quickly.  Speaking of which, Bigger will finish his math book this week and should finish his phonics next week. I mean, we’ve been working at it all year but it’s wild to see the end coming. Given the amount of drool we’re seeing there might be another tooth coming through this week too. (And maybe better sleep with it?) I suppose that’s a hope not really a plan but I also want to get lots of knitting and reading done too but given the WeatherMan’s work schedule that might not be possible. 

I am grateful for… sunshine, chocolate, preschool, online workouts

Some prayer intentions for this week…  for our very special intention…  for sleep…  for peace and joy and cheerfulness… did I mention a our awesome special intention?  

Something that makes me smile…



About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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One Response to Tuesday Musing

  1. karen says:

    I am grateful for coffee, quiet mornings, time alone with journalling and of course my knitting šŸ™‚ Hope you get your sleep!!

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