Monday/Tuesday Musing

Right now… we’re just hanging out. We’ll have breakfast in a few minutes and get on with our days. Fast forward, I’m now sitting with my feet soaking and had an egg cream (made with rice milk.) Next time I’ll try coconut milk, I think a “thicker” milk will be better. Guess what? Now it’s morning again. Back to breakfast soon and wishing I could finish just one thing I start in one try. 😉

This weekend… was pretty lame.

Some plans for this week… more of the same. The WeatherMan is away for a couple days so I’m looking forward to craziness and some take out dinners. I also some plans for finishing up some books and the lace section of my February Lady. I’m trying to keep my expectations reasonable but even that doesn’t always meet with cooperation. Like last night being up past midnight with Baby Girl and the boys being up before 6 this morning. So not helpful for getting things done last night or being cheerful and productive in the morning. But that’s life and on we go.

I’m grateful for… chocolate, sunshine, strollers, take out, someone else washing some dishes…

Prayer intentions… for our very special intention. Still haven’t heard anything but still hopeful. I really thought we would know something by now (or have moved by now) but this is turning into a wonderful practice in patience.

Something that makes me smile


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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1 Response to Monday/Tuesday Musing

  1. karen says:

    I don’t know about you but I am NOT patient. Still praying and hopefully you will get answers and a move!!!

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