Yarn Along

I’ve been knitting a couple of rows a night just to keep my sanity. My February Lady is still on hold… Anyone have any suggestions for how best to transport an in-progress sweater? Maybe wrap it in tissue and put it at the top of my stash box? I think it will fit in there…
Reading is also limited, mostly to rental descriptions and info about the Austin area. We’re frantically packing and set to leave Canada for Texas this weekend. Talk about culture shock! I have very mixed feelings about it and not a little anxiety about this move (I’m hoping to write soon but well, there just is no time.) I suppose it can be summed up as being sad to be going so far away from family and friends and anxious because from here I can only see the bad, not the good people we’ll meet/ things we’ll do/ and whatnot. But I’m really looking forward to settling in somewhere bigger (we’re really hoping to rent a house) and I’m really thankful we’re moving in the fall (when it’s not so hot and I outfitted my kids for the non-winter from the end of season clearance racks!)
Joining Ginny – Happy Wednesday! Any prayers for peace and a smooth transition would be much appreciated. As would any practical advice on moving to Texas.


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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7 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. karen says:

    I think you will like your new home, just my instincts. I hope you find your rental and it be a big house. Join the library and go to story time, you will meet loads of mothers there and make friends quickly. That’s how I did it way back when.

  2. I hope the move is effortless. I’m sure things will be just fine, though I can totally understand your doubts. I hear that Texas people are super nice and friendly.

  3. Camilla says:

    That is quite a move- I heard Texas is wonderful though… a new adventure. Beautiful knits!

  4. jarka says:

    wow, good luck with the move! I’m sure you’ll meet tons of new friends 🙂 and don’t get too stressed about the move – always find time to relax and knit 😀

  5. Deb Hickman says:

    Pretty colours, good luck with the move. Deb x

  6. Your knitting is beautiful – I hope you managed to transport it ok and that your move goes smoothly (well, as smoothly as these things can!).

  7. That will most certainly be a culture shock! Good luck though with your move. I have a friend who lives in Austin. If, when you’re settled, you need some ideas on things to see and do (and kid friendly), let me know I can get a list from her.

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