Monday Musing

Right now… the dishwasher is running, the Baby Girl is napping, the boys are relaxing watching a Nat Geographic programs on Wild North America, and I am taking a minute to myself. Next up will be some laundry and unpacking. But for a moment I sit.

This weekend… was a weekend! The WeatherMan’s new job is a typical office 9-5 sort of schedule, at least for now. So we’re trying to figure out what a “normal” life will be like. We tried out a new church which was, umm, not the best experience. It was very unwelcoming. Right down to closing the doors to the sanctuary and the ushers standing guard. There is a sign posted stating that Mass is in progress and the ushers will seat you after the sermon! Let me just say there is nothing like being new to the area, having a hard time finding the church, getting there a little late, and being closed out of Mass! (And while I do understand the sentiment of limiting the disruptions and we could watch through the glass doors or on the TVs in the narthex – holy unwelcoming Batman to say the least.)

Some plans for the week… include mostly just trying to get settled in. We’re still living out of boxes for the most part and I’m sick of it. It’s just such a challenge to get anything done with the boys chasing each other around and a cranky toddler trying to climb my legs. Hopefully we’ll also spend lots of time at the pool. Friday Baby Girl let me take her in! It was awesome to be in the water. And awesome to be making progress on helping her to be comfortable in the water. On the list of things to do soon is seeing about getting a Y membership and getting all the kidlets into swimming lessons. And some zumba and maybe yoga for Mama… I also need to catch up on all those fun things I’ve been skipping to get things done or because we didn’t have internet yet, like NCIS, knitting, and the 444 blogs that Bloglovin says I have unread.

I’m grateful for… the internet. Dishwashers and washing machines and pools. Moments of peace. The friendliness of Texans.

Prayer intentions… for peace as we settle into this new normal. This wasn’t quite the answer to my very special intention of the summer that I was looking for but it certainly was a strong answer. For finding some community because I’m feeling very isolated here in a huge apartment complex on a 4 lane road in a major urban area where we can’t walk to anything and we don’t know anyone.

Something that makes me smile


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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3 Responses to Monday Musing

  1. Mary says:

    What a perfect climbing tree for three!

  2. karen says:

    Join the local library reading hour!! That is how I made all of my friends, I promise it will work. The church sounds icky, pope Francis wouldn’t like that 🙂 good luck you will settle in very soon!! Love the photo!

  3. Your church experience is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. Good gracious! We’ve had people just sitting down when communion is being distributed!

    My suggestion to you would be to find a SnB in your area if you are able to get away for a few hours one day a week. Even during my most crappy of times, going knitting with the friends I’ve made at mine have kept me sane. Ravelry can help you out with this. I also second what Karen said about the library.

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