Monday Musing

Right now… it’s lunch time for the boys, nap time for the Baby Girl, and me-time for the Mama. However, none of that is actually happening and I’m waiting for a little cooperation. Might as well type while I wait. Bigger is reading Calvin and Hobbes at the table and Littler and the Girl are in their closet. It’s a great fort/ castle/ hideout/ whatever they can dream up. Now he’s teaching her to meow. 🙂

This weekend… we didn’t get much done. It was nice but didn’t accomplish much of anything. We still have a way lot to do (putting together the boys’ beds, getting a new cabinet for the TV, getting/putting together/ filling book cases… and on and on.) But we went to check out the hiking at a park nearby. And the boys went swimming 3 times on Saturday! Baby Girl even let us take her in the pool! Well, all she did was dip in her toes but we held her there in the pool so it counts as in the pool as far as I’m concerned. (Then this morning she flipped out when I pushed the stroller into a puddle to clean off the wheels. Go figure.)

Our church experience was much better this weekend too, right from start. It was raining and of course I’m the only one in the family without a rain coat. And a man in the parking lot made me take his umbrella. People were friendly and dressed a little more casually. And it’s one of the few places we could get to on the bus.

Some plans for the week… attempt to get all that stuff we didn’t get to over the weekend done. Especially the new TV cabinet. Don’t ask about the old one, it’s a bit of a sore subject for me at the moment. Maybe once we’re all settled into a new one I’ll be able to write about it without cursing. I’d like to get some pictures hung this week too. The plain walls are starting to get to me. Maybe that will distract me from the fact that all the cabinet pulls in the kitchen are uneven. The left side is higher than the right. (Go look at yours, my mom tells me hers are uneven too but she never noticed.) It’s really irritating to me – the apartment is an “open concept” so the kitchen cabinets are always in sight. I’d like to get out my projects this week too – the February Lady needs her sleeves finished and there are Christmas presents that need working on. I have a strange delusion that if I can get our bedroom sorted out the big table with fit in the dining area and the smaller table will fit in the bedroom. And then I can set up my sewing machine and have a nice work space. Or maybe I should just look for an inexpensive desk…  That would be much easier.

I’m grateful for… air conditioning. Roku. The internet. Chocolate.  Morning walks.

Some prayer intentions… for peace. For meeting some new people. For patience.

Something that makes me smile…  nap time 🙂


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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One Response to Monday Musing

  1. karen says:

    I love the internet as well 🙂 How you meet people and feel like you’re at home soon.

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