Monday Musing

Right now… the WeatherMan (do I need to change his blog name now that he’s no longer a fulltime forecaster or do you think he can keep it?) has taken the wild ones… I mean children to the pool. Ahh, quiet.

This weekend… was a regular weekend. I’m still getting used to that. We ran errands and went to Mass and got costumes for the kidlets (no spoilers but we have a couple very excited superheros and a trendy bird ready for Thursday.) We saw vultures – man, are the huge! And ugly. And a little freaky. Unfortunately, we saw our first armadillo on Friday – it was roadkill and the buzzards were eating it. The boys and I made chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. We called them “ghosts in the dark” in honor of the week. A very normal weekend indeed.

One thing we did not do, which surprised me to no end, was watch Back to the Future. October 25 is the day Marty goes back from and the WeatherMan and I have watched it that night for 12 years (except when we lived on different college campuses in different parts of the state but no much could have been done about that.) But this year instead he chose Bucks County Massacre. I couldn’t believe it. It has to be the worst attempt at a horror movie ever. A bunch of tv/film majors must have seen Blair Witch and said “hey, we could do that” and tried. It was lame. We fast forwarded half of it because it was so lame. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of horror, a good psychological thriller oh yes but horror no thank you. This was neither.) I would have been much happier with Michael J. Fox. Or Wait until Dark. But that is a little over an hour I will never get back.

Some plans for the week… more of the usual. It’s “D” week with the boys so we’re reading lots about dinosaurs, dragons, ducks, and dance. There’s a video online on how diamonds are made and I have a DVD from the library on Degas that I want to preview to see if I can watch it with them. And I want to take them to the museum this weekend to see some dinos and fossils. And we’ll make something with a D… donuts maybe, or danish or anything with dough. There is a multicultural fair at our church on Sunday. Apparently it’s the most diverse church in the city, perhaps even the diocese. It sounds like a yummy afternoon.

If I find a little time for myself… you know me, more knitting, reading, blogging, sewing, a little napping 😉 I would like to get the sleeves done on my FLS and get started on some Christmas projects. Like, umm, finishing Mom’s from last year. But that will require a trip to the craft store (don’t throw me in the briar patch!) The trick will be coming out only with fusible interface and size 10 16in circular knitting needles. And maybe some buttons. And not being distracted by all the other lovelies. I’d also like to catch up on my TV watching, I’m behind weeks in all my shows (we’ve been distracted by the Roku and it’s many offerings.)

I’m grateful for… chocolate, store brand Dr Pepper, real mail from wonderful friends, bedtime.

Some prayer intentions… for patience, for peace, for easy bedtimes.

Something that makes me smile


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1 Response to Monday Musing

  1. karen says:

    Love back to the future, good movie. Your boys are getting bigger!!

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