I’d really like to write more. But my days just don’t lend themselves to blogging. Or more likely my evenings don’t. So for now it’ll have to be some snippets of what’s been going on.

*Mama to Littler Boy – “No, I cannot Gorilla Tape a domino to the sleeve of your Batman pajamas.”

*I am incredibly sad that both boys have announced, long before the Christmas DVDs have come out of storage, that they do not like “The Polar Bear Express.”  We’ll try the book this year and see if that goes better.

*It has been chilly here in Texas, down to the low 30s. And I am pretty sure our apartment is not insulated.

*Baby Girl is currently on the table (yes, on top of it) coloring on it (yes, on the top of it) with a colored pencil.

*She has moved on to trying to take the safety covers off the outlet and mash a piece of banana into it.

*Now she’s given that up and is eating the banana.

*Watching classic Sesame Street with the boys (circa 1974) and saw my favorite, the Yip Yips. The boys started saying “tel-a-phone, tel-a-phone” like they do. So I asked them how they know that’s a phone. (Given that a rotary phone bares little resemblance to our current phones.) Littler’s answer – “’cause that’s the tell [pointing to the bottom/cradle] and that’s the phone [pointing to the receiver.]” Spot on, dude.

*Tomorrow the boys have to get up before the crack of dawn to drop of our turkey at the Knights of Columbus turkey smoke.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about someone else cooking our turkey.  About it not taking over the oven all day Thursday.  And most importantly about not having to clean the oven after!

*Does this scream “third child” or what?

*Mama – “why does Panda have undies on his head?”
Littler – “he’s a ninja.”

*Pray for us, we have a family picture appointment scheduled for Friday afternoon.  Haircuts are scheduled for tonight after dinner.  And I even convinced the WeatherMan that we should not do them at home this time.

*Can I get an “awww”?




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  1. Prayers for picture day!

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