This Moment ~ Needle ‘n’ thREAD


A moment of triumph!  Merry Christmas (2012) Mom!


This project started last Christmas.  Ya see, Christmas Eve is my favorite holiday and one year, several Christmases ago, I spent that afternoon wrapping and decorating.  On the mantle were white votive candles (we had a ton of them, since the WeatherMan and I were getting married the next week) and red glass ornaments.  There might have been some greens in there too, I can’t remember.  Anyway, Mom was so taken with coming home to this at the end of the day that she talks about it still.  And for Christmas last year I gave her a mantle in a box – white votives and glass holders and the fat quarters to make this banner.

Of course it took me nearly a year to get it made.  But that was out of consideration – this way she wouldn’t have to store it until December (and then find it.)  😉  I used this lovely tutorial and it was a good back-at-the-sewing-machine-after-way-too-long project.  I think Mom did start to get nervous when I started getting excited about gold lame bias tape but it came out beautiful, if I do say so myself.


Now I just have a minor repair to make on it (you can see it there on the top, where the fabric triangle slipped out of the binding) and get it in the mail!  And start getting out the Christmas books!  Onward to Advent!

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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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3 Responses to This Moment ~ Needle ‘n’ thREAD

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  2. Estella says:

    Stellar work there evnyeore. I’ll keep on reading.

  3. Szia!Fú hirtelen nem is tudom, hogy mit mondjak! Egyszerűen hihetetlen, hogy milyen szépen írsz, és a történet is fantasztikus!A lány, akivel Rob beszélgetett, lehet, hogy az a lány, aki az álmaiban szerepelt?:O Azt hittem, hogy adsz valami magyarázatot a kagylóra, de az túlságosan egyszerű lett volna..Ugye? :DKérlek siess a folytatással!Puszy ♥ Chanel

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