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Granted, it was {pretti}er last night with the candle lit.  Maybe I can get a pick for next week.  But this way you can see another {pretty} that is giving me a lot of trouble.  See it?

Yeah, that.  Gorgeous fall colors.  I just don’t know what to do with an autumnal Christmas!  Of course I’ll appreciate the mild temps come Christmas when we have house guests and for the first time wont be trapped indoors.

They’ve reached a point where they can actually play together.  Nicely even.  Makes this mama so happy.

Sitting there reading he looks so grownup.  Kinda.

On the heels of my other crafting successes (two finished objects in a week, three in two weeks?  Unheard of!)  Another Christmas banner, this one for hanging in the window of the kids’ room.  I remember how much I loved having decorations in my room as a kid (I even had a mini tree for a while) and I know the boys will be so excited by this.

Now you might be asking yourself, how is it that this mama has been getting so much crafting in?  I’ll tell you the secret to my success – I might just be the world’s biggest housework ignore-er.  😉

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