Yarn Along

Well, I finished knitting the hat for Littler.  Trouble is I really goobered up the earflaps.  I knit the stitch less/more all on the same side so now the flaps are open.  And really long.  Like if I can figure out a way to put a button or toggle on it he could button it under his chin.  Now that the comments are fixed I could really really use some suggestions for closing up the flaps and a button solution.  Please, help a mama out the week before Christmas!



I cast on the second hat (for Bigger.)  Twice.  First time was on the wrong size needles.  But I think that it should go a lot fast than the first hat.  It had better!  I need two more off needles in a week!  Yikes!

On the reading front, there are lots of Christmas books with the kids.  (The boys and I just finished Kirsten’s Surprise last night.)  And I’m still reading Amish White Christmas Pie.   Reading on the nook has been nice while knitting, makes the miles of rounds go faster.  But apparently not a good idea for earflaps.


Happy Wednesday!  Happy Yarn Along!



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5 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. No suggestions… sorry! Happy Christmas all the same!

  2. karen says:

    Button on one side then an I cord loop on the other. Or a big snap? Love the color :). If you are adventurous you could sew on a machine a buttonhole and fraycheck the raw edges.

  3. Christine N says:

    The pic makes it look like one ear flap is folded and the other is flat. I would either sew the one in half to match the other, or frog one side so the other matches, adding a buttonhole.
    I like the suggestion someone else made to make an icord loop for a button too.
    Good luck!

  4. Leigh says:

    Never tried ear flaps ~ sorry .. but I’d like to! Best of luck with your project and wishing you a very happy holiday!

  5. What Karen said. I was just about to type the same exact thing.
    I did this for one of the sweaters that I made my niece/goddaughter and it looks just fine.

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