New Year’s…

thoughts? ideas? wishes?
I don’t much care for resolutions. They’re full of good intentions but we all know what road they pave. No, I would much rather find a way to make some changes without a ride in a handbasket. So…

For starters we’ll begin with a saying of a favorite priest friend (who we also enjoy being able to call a cousin) that the road to heaven is paved with cupcakes. I want to get back to baking and homemade snacks, real food and less junk. I really ought to start a sugar detox and work at cutting it out. But I think I’ll start with those cupcakes.  😉

I’d like to be like everyone else and plan to lose some weight. But really I’d like to rehab my abs. If I can find the energy to workout daily with Fit2B I would be able to make a lot of progress and feel better. And maybe with that real food/ less sugar thing I’d lost the weight too. But daily workouts and working my way through all the workouts on the site is the real plan.

This would be a good time to vow to only craft from my stash this year. Of course I’m also planning a fabric order for clearance fabric for the making of seasonal pj pants. I probably should have done that before New Years. Oh well, here’s to a new year of better planning. And planning ahead. And not procrastinating.

The same should be true of books – reading from what is already in our library. But having several Barnes and Noble gift cards burning a hole in my wallet in my possesion I can tell you that probably wont be happening either. But perhaps I can keep myself restrained for a little while longer. (FYI – A Year with C. S. Lewis is only $3.99 on nook and I think on Kindle. See, it’s a losing battle.)
I’d also like to read a few “thinking” books this year. Of the 44 books I finished in 2013 not one was even slightly academic. Something to challenge my mind would be a good addition this year.

But perhaps most important for the coming year is how I want to spend my time. Thinking joyful thoughts. Making the best of it, not just making do. Reading more books with my kids. More snuggling on the couch with the WeatherMan.  More love and peace and sunshine and gratitude and dancing and laughter and hope.

And I wish the same for you, sweet readers!

About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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1 Response to New Year’s…

  1. karen says:

    I’m not one to make big resolutions, I sort of make broad easy statements, like I’d like to knit from the stash more than buy. Nothing measurable but I think would be nice to be conscience of my intake. May your new year see you achieve your goals!

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