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(even though today is not Thursday.  It can’t be helped that Epiphany is on Sunday and I need to cram in one more Christmas post this year!) 


The elves finished their work in record time this year.

“You don’t know it yet but tomorrow morning I will destroy the manger at Bethlehem under your Christmas tree!”

“Just kidding!”

It’s the last day of Christmas.  And I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done.  I’m still working on the hats for the kidlets.  I didn’t finish any Advent reading.  I hardly baked any cookies.  I didn’t do many cute kids’ crafts with the littles.  I didn’t do much grownup crafting for myself.  I didn’t watch many Christmas movies.  Our Christmas cards aren’t finished yet.  It even took me, what, a week and a half to finish the post.  I just didn’t feel very Christmas-y.  And ya know what?  I’m ok with that.

I have a strong theory that we were generally happier before Pinterest.  This keeping up with the craftier Jones business is for the birds.  We had a fine Advent and Christmas season.  I’m sure there is not a thing my kids could tell you was missing.  (Although I am also sure they will always, always want more cookies, more candy, and more presents under the tree – none of while really matters anyway.)  And a large part of my troubles have to do with where my head is at in terms of accepting being in Texas and the fact that there are still leaves on trees here.  My Canadian boy still wears shorts outside!  (Not everyday and days like today I talked him out of them, at least for the second excursion of the day but it is still his leg wear of choice.)

The other bit that was giving me trouble was the “no Christmas in Advent” camp.  They have left me with such guilt about it that it was hard to enjoy getting ready for Christmas.  And isn’t that the point of Advent?  To get ready for the coming of Christmas – and yes, that even includes all the trappings.  I feel guilty even admitting this to you now.  But why?  No one waits until the baby is here to decorate the nursery and pick out names and a coming home outfit, do they?  Well, why should we be any less prepared for the arrival of the Christ Child?  I’m not advocating throwing the tree up on the day after Thanksgiving (or Halloween for my Canadian friends.)  But taking advantage of the special time, savoring the excitement of the season (Advent) and the coming season (Christmas.)

So I have a few thoughts for next year.  Other than praying like mad to be closer to family and somewhere it snows.  First thing, Christmas cards will be taken out and written and with any luck mailed out shortly after Thanksgiving.  I’m seriously toying with the idea of writing them now, sticking them in a box, and just having to slap stamps on them on December 1.  Next, the Christmas dishes are gonna come out to be used on December 1.  Ours are pretty subtle with the two holly leaves and berries on the center and should really get more than 2 weeks use a year.  And I’m going to make a better effort at carving out the time for lighting the Advent candles at least every week if not every night.  (I can’t believe I just admitted we were so out of it that we couldn’t even light the candles every week!)  Basically it boils down to a plan to enjoy the snot out of every moment possible of Advent next year.

Happy Little Christmas!  I hope everyone’s tree packing and light unwinding goes smoothly and quickly.  Don’t worry, we’ll be eating up those last candy canes with hot chocolate during a special Sunday afternoon movie so nothing will have to go to waste 😉

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3 Responses to {pretty, happy, funn, real} – An unPinterest Christmas

  1. Joanne says:

    Be careful what you wish for because you might get it. Shoveling snow is NO FUN! Neither is sub zero weather. Now being closer to family…that would be something to wish for. I’m enjoying the pictures and watching your family grow. Happy new year, Kate.

  2. Leila says:

    I think that there is a bit of confusion between preparing and celebrating amongst those who would like to keep each season. Advent is for preparing! Thus, yes, a good deal of Christmas will be there… and you practice carols, and you enjoy the decorations as they come out, and you make cookies (and sample them!). I think only the families with servants could pull off getting ALL the prep done on Christmas Eve, right?
    And then you do miss some anticipation if you do it that way, I always think. So I’m with you on all that!
    What I think is mixed up is celebrating during Advent — giving gifts (other than on St. Nick’s day if you do that — and we do just candy), singing all the carols and then just suddenly stopping after Christmas Day.
    It will take some time for us to iron all this out, but we will do it! You are on the right track, I think! (and for sure, if the cards aren’t done by the first week of Advent, they won’t get done — as I am here to tell you with my cards sitting on my desk :/ )

    • *kate says:

      That’s exactly it! It’s just the guilt trip they set on the first Sunday of Advent is tough to shake. I also find it interesting that most of the seperatists (at least all the ones I know) have no children. I almost feel like saying “well easy for you to say!” In the kindest, sweetest way of course.

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