Yarn Along

Well, not much progress has been made on anything since last week.  I guess it’s just that point where I should be able to just about finish them in an evening yet maybe that fact is what keeps me from finishing.  Hopefully tonight.  After that I think I’ll be starting a Shalom for a friend of mine.  I just want to finish something up first!  Three projects in progress and it’s starting to feel a little like nothing will ever be finished!  (The hats are these dino hats, the blue is my epic java scarf, and the lavender is the not quite so epic but perhaps eternal February Lady Sweater.)

My reading has been much the same as my knitting.  I’ve been reading, but nothing much really.  And yet again, hopefully this week I’ll turn that around.  With the boys I have been reading How to Train Your Dragon, which is highly amusing.  Geared to slightly older boys than mine (they don’t get the puns or find the humor in using a bra to make a double feather bomb to attack an asthmatic dragon) but they’re still loving it.  It’s just a little less intense than The Hobbit which we seem to only be able to handle in small doses.  I’m sure we’ll be starting the second in the series, How to be a Pirate, when we finish.

Happy Wednesday!  Happy Yarn Along!  I hope you’re all keeping warm and cozy.


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15 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. I made the Shalom once and would LOVE another. It’s a great versatile wardrobe piece

  2. Donna says:

    I love childrens books that have a little adult humor in them! What a nice friend you are – I’m sure she will love Shalom.

  3. Sarah says:

    I have reclaimed yarn that is stashed and waiting for me to have time for Shalom. Your blue yarn for the scarf is really pretty!

  4. tinkhickman says:

    I love the Shalom cardi, I’ve just put it in my Rav queue, I’m stash busting so will see if I’ve got the yarn for later this year. X

  5. I’d finished the smallest project(s) first then go from there.

    So, tell me something. Is How to Train Your Dragon anything like the movie? My youngest nephew, Dillon, LOVES the movie and Toothless. (I love the movie, too, but don’t tell anyone. 😉 )

  6. karen sue says:

    My number three read How to Train Your Dragon and loved it and we enjoyed it in movie form, too. I miss those reading together times. I need to re-line up my knitting projects. It just comes to that around here sometimes

  7. I love Shalom, would love to knit one one day. When I’m feeling overwhelmed with projects I either try to make myself do a line or two of each one every day or decide to work on just one of them until it’s finished. I don’t like having too many projects because it feels like they never grow and I get fed up with them lol

  8. karen says:

    You have a lucky friend if you’re knitting for her 🙂 I miss reading kids books aloud!

  9. Barbara says:

    How is the Shalom for sizing please? Seems to only be Sm-Med and I would prefer a large….do I just add stitches and pray? I am new to your blog….

    • *kate says:

      I don’t know. It looks (from the picture) that the pattern as written is for a woman of more narrow shoulders than I have. My friend is quite petite so I will be knitting according to the pattern and then see about increasing for one for myself later.

  10. Amy says:

    I tried to make the shalom and I just can’t! I’ve been trying to read other people’s comments to make bigger sizing. Good luck on the rest of your knits!

  11. Kathy@9peas says:

    I was so disinclined to watch that movie, but my older boys convinced me and I LOVE it! I never thought of reading the book, I’m going to look it up now!

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