Five Favorites

Hallie, at Moxie Wife, lists her Five Favorites each week.  Well here are my five favorite links found on Facebook this week.  Sorry I’m not slick enough to put the videos and pictures right in my post.  Maybe someday I’ll be that cool.

1. Literary Proposal
It’s described as the dorkiest, most awesome proposal ever.  It really is so sweet.  Check it out here.  (Hint: if you love Jane Austen you definitely want to see this.)

2. Dancing through time
Ok, so I shared this the other day but I think it is awesome enough for a second posting.  For the dancers, music, and period fashion lovers out there – 100 years of style.

3. House beautiful
And this I didn’t find on FB but shared there, we can count that, right?  For the love of history and attention to detail check out this house!

4. The weather outside
It sure was frightful.  Have a laugh at the Austin’s “snowpocalypse”.  (Yes, everything was closed including the WeatherMan’s office – a totally new experience for a weather man!)

5. Chance of a lifetime
We love Billy Joel around here.  And maybe it was a sign to find this video this morning.  Littler announced “It’s just like the one where he had hair.  And he sang ‘Uptown Girl.'”  Not really other than being the same singer.  And just as awesome.


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