Monday Musings

Right now… I’m trying to type, the Littler Boy is at the table looking at a Lego book, Baby Girl is wandering around looking for trouble, and Bigger Boy is at school. My heart is racing thanks to those new videos that start automatically on FaceBook – two this morning already scared the pants off me with really scary, disturbing content. But otherwise just trying to get a productive start to the day and the week.

This weekend… started Friday with an ice day for the WeatherMan and Bigger. We lazed about, lots of reading and Legos going on.  Saturday the WeatherMan was off refereeing soccer games so the kidlets and I played it (kinda) cool hanging out at home. It went well until said kidlets when absolutely batsy right before dinner.  Sunday was Mass, grocery shopping, and my birthday.  I did not get to sleep through the night, sleep in, or get lots of projects worked on. But it was a lovely day with no cooking, lots of reading, and kids who tried (when reminded) that it was mama’s birthday to be sweet, well behaved children.
(Checking the closings list on Friday to see if the WeatherMan is off.  We already knew Bigger was after a spectacular fail the week before on the school district’s part when they called 2 hour delay after the start of school for the elementary kids.  And then closed almost 2 hours later.  So this time they closed the night before.  Looks like they should be singing the “Snow Day Bohemian Rhapsody” doesn’t it?)

It was great anyway until the downstairs neighbors came up to “check on us” because they heard banging and thought maybe someone was locked out.  No, obviously not.  The WeatherMan was putting together a bookcase for me.  And their banging on our door and talking loudly woke the baby. Thanks a lot. (Have I mentioned lately that I hate apartments?)

Some plans for the week… well, I really, really, really need to finish the quilt I’ve been working on. Bigger’s birthday is Thursday and I still need to baste, tie, and bind it. Plan is to baste during Baby’s nap, tie tonight after Bigger is in bed, sew the binding tomorrow, and finish binding it by after school Thursday. Maybe I’m crazy. But I’m hopeful. I’m not sure I can see past this quilt to have any other plans for the week, other than the usual try to keep from being buried under dishes and wash, lots of reading, lots of Legos and projects with the boys, and so on.

If I find some time for myself this week… reading, knitting, sleeping – the usual suspects.

I am grateful for… chocolate, a dishwasher, tea,

Some prayer intentions… for a little one and his parents as he is released from a 71 day NICU stay… for several people who have recently had job interviews… for safe conditions with another icy arctic whatever headed our way… to finish this quilt…
If by any chance you are looking for someone in heaven to pester petition I recently read that Blessed Miguel Pro joked with friends that if he should be martyred they should be ready with their petitions because “he would deal out favors as if they were a deck of cards.” Now that’s my kind of intercessor!

Something that makes me smile

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3 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. quiltykanuck says:

    That is ambitious for the quilt by Thursday! Do you bind by hand or machine?

    • *kate says:

      I usually bind by hand but accidentaly (serendipidiously?) bought single fold bias tape so I’ll be doing it by machine. Not to mention that time is really limited. 😉

  2. karen says:

    you and your family is just the sweetest photo!! hope you get to craft a lot this week 🙂

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