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This would be my Ode to Homemade Granola. Yum! Here it is topping porridge (aka Cream of Wheat) with frozen mixed berries.

Oh, those moments, all too brief, when they play nicely together. Before someone starts screaming something like “Maaahhhmmm! The baby is annoying Panda!” True story. But we’re thinking happy thoughts so let’s just enjoy the playing nice while it lasts.

And those would be Lightening McQueen diaper cover undies.

Crazy Baby LOVES cheese.

Yes, this sweet child’s other nickname is Crazy Baby.

You’d never guess why.
Has nothing to do with being voted “Most Likely to Climb the Fridge.” No way.
Have to watch this one like a hawk.
(Don’t worry, she’s hasn’t really climbed the fridge. Yet.)


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1 Response to {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Marcia says:

    One day they will get along oh so well, and you will miss screams and the like 🙂 I just love photos of happy children who surely are loved to pieces.

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